Culture Project

By Karlee McCanna

Customs and Traditions

Every Christmas my family gets together. We get together with my dads side of the family. Our family and my aunts family rotate every year for who's house it's at. The adults play "dirty Santa" and the kids exchange gifts.
Whenever someone we know is ill, my mom signs up on a care calender and picks a date to make a meal for the family. Depending on the type of sickness, we make meals more than once a month.

Other Pictures and Information


When ever my family is in the car driving my brother and I always get to listen to our radio station so my parents always try to sing along. But when my dad joins in, he always makes up his own lyrics because he doesn't know the real lyrics. Then my dad starts dancing whenever the rap songs come on. It's really embarrassing.

My brothers and I played Instruments when we were in elementary school. My oldest brother Ronnie played the clarinet and switched to the tenor saxophone and I did the same thing and my other brother Zach played the trumpet.