The YogiFarms Organic Veggie Basket

A seasonal mix of organic vegetables at your doorstep

Fresh organic vegetables from your neighbourhood

Dear Neighbour,
You may be aware of our efforts to promote organic and locally grown food through our workshops and farms visits (via Green Essentials). We are happy to be able to say that these efforts are now bearing fruit (or more accurately vegetables).
Yogi Farms is now beginning to offer a weekly Organic Veggie Basket in limited localities, and would like to know if you're interested. This veggie basket will be available till May only, as we are unable to grow during the monsoons at this time.

NOTE: This basket is currently available in limited localities only. We are able to accept subscriptions only for residents of Nagali Hills Colony, La Citadel Colony and Bella Vista Colony in Dona Paula.
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Frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost?
Usually its Rs 140 for a choice of 5 vegetables, in appropriate quantities for a family of 4. Sometimes, if the produce is of a more expensive nature (eg. broccoli), then you may see an increase of about Rs 30-50.

2. How is this different from any other vegetables that I buy?
If freshness is important to you, then it's unlikely that you can get fresher vegetables than ours (delivered to you within 3 hours of havesting). Our produce is also growing organically - without the use of poisonous-pesticides and synthetic fertillisers. Feedback from our customers suggests that this results in produces that is fresher, tastier and longer lasting than anything they've had access to in a long time. But, don't take our word for it, try them for yourself.

3. Which vegetables can I choose from?
Unfortunately, this is a fixed menu offering - we make the choices for you.
Since we are going to be growing vegetables in season (its healthier) we can offer only what is available at the time. Certain items like tomatoes, onions and potatoes would only feature briefly in our basket, so you'll have to keep getting these from your usual sources.

4. Can we order the vegetables anytime?
The baskets are not available for purchase, they are available as a subscription. At this time, we are offering a 3-week trial subscription (for Rs 420), so that you can gauge whether this model works for your family. If you are interested in a Summer Season Subscription, then this is available for Rs 1600.

5. What's the disadvantage of your veggie basket?
The key disadvantage for most people would probably be the apparent lack of choice - because you can't pick and choose what you want. This takes a little getting used to if you're planning your meals - and may not work at all if you dislike a lot of the seasonal vegetables. If you're not sure, just try it for 3 weeks.

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