Coordinate Planes

4 quadrants, Distance, & Shapes on C Planes

Food for thought-History of Negative Numbers!

This is just for reading and bonus material!

Coordinate Plane videos & Notes

Main courses

Coordinate grid task Main course

Monday Main course

Today you will complete the Archeological Dig Introduction and Investigation 1

You will complete the investigation 2 activity and take turns with the hands-on shower curtain coordinate grid with your group!

Tuesday main course

Reviewing quadrants and learning distance!

Work together with your group to solve each part!

Show work on small paper grids!

Tuesday independent/partner

When you are done with NFL coordinates -please do the following IXLs

You do not have to show work-you may need to on w4, but not on w2

W2-15 ? or to 90%

W4-10 ? or to 80%

Place screen shots on last 2 slides of the NFL assignment and submit



We will work through 2 stations a day

Wed 11/18 - Friday 11/20

Station 1 Blue Rug

Please choose one of the following game activities to complete below for station 1

This is practice for coordinate grid

Creating Cache Apply Treasure Hunt

Station 2 Hexagon Table

Part 1: Please use the program geogebra to create the following shapes below.

Part 2: Check your drawing with a partner.

Part 3: Create your own secret shape that contains at least 4 coordinates that stretch into all the quadrants. Only write down the points, trade with a partner in the group and try to graph each other's shapes.

Turn in the geogebra file as a png in C grid stations!

Plotting Shapes on Coordinate Grids Main course Geogebra

Station 3 Coordiante Characters

Please choose one of the cartoon character or game designs to solve! 20 pt

Then create your own design

You must submit a list of at least 30-50 coordinates for the design 10 pt

Plus an answer key

You must have your design approved by Mrs. Lewis

STation 4 Geometry Task drawings TEACHER STATION-KIDNEY TABLE)

Task cards

Please complete at least 2 of the geometry tasks on the link below for 20 pt

Station 5 Geometry & Coordinate grids

You may use coordinate grids on paper or geogebra for these task cards.

Please solve at least 10 problems.

Then create a QR code explaining how you solved one of the problems or create a mystery set of coordinates that makes a shape with a clue for the class to solve!

Station 6(Sit on left side room) Worksheets in Station 6 bucket folder)

In this station you will work on finding distance and the coordinate grid!

You will watch and study the video and then complete the packet!

You will then rotate partners through the group and each partner will share the answer for a color on the worksheet

** Please turn this in to be checked!

Bonus Activity/Friday dessert

Nerf Gun Challenge

On board-

See Mrs. Lewis for Directions-special activity

Coordinate Grid Review Task cards MONDAY REVIEW 11/23

Solve each task with a different Partner to review

Use Clock partners!

Monday 11/23!


We will have an assessment reviewing absolute value, opposite integers, as well as all 3 standards, of plotting coordinate grids, finding distance and perimeter and area on coordinate grids on Tuesday 11/24!

Reminder: Your ten marks is due this day as well!