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Endeavour Elementary - Week 11

Week 11 - We got this!

Hello Endeavour Jaguars! Welcome to Week 11 of at home learning. We are so proud of our Jaguars and the hard work they are doing at home. Below is a recap of the required activities for PE and Music and Library has info on notices and library book returns.

Health and Fitness Update with Mrs. Skogstad and Mrs. Marsh

Field Day Fun!

Reminder: Keep working on your Field Day Fitness Calendar. It is due by next Friday, June 19th. The goal is to get the most participation this month from students. The class that has the most Fitness Calendars turned in by June 19th will get a shout out & celebration zoom call with Mrs. Skogstad & Mrs. Marsh!

Get all updated information on: Mrs Skogstad’s PE Website. or on : Mrs Marsh’s PE Website.

This week: Look for a video check in from Mrs. Skogstad & Mrs. Marsh in announcements. In Seesaw, please select class: PE-your grade & Teacher- in top left corner. Then select the activity for the June virtual “Field Day Calendar” or click here June Field Day Fitness Log to print it off.

Students can post on their class PE seesaw page each week or by June 19th with the completed Field Day calendar. You can also email me telling us what activities you are doing: skogstads2@issaquah.wednet.edu OR marshe@issaquah.wednet.edu

Keep up the awesome fitness activities Endeavour Jaguars!

Music Update with Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Caulton

Music with Mrs. Murphy

Hello everyone!

This week we are exploring the music of Italy!

To find this week’s materials, click on Mrs. Murphy’s Website, find your grade level, and scroll down! Watch the introductory videos, and then choose 2-3 of the provided activities to explore the Music of Italy.

Email me or contact me with Seesaw and tell me about what you learned about the music of Italy this week! You can even send me a picture or a video clip of you interacting with the materials! Reach me at murphyc@issaquah.wednet.edu!

Don’t forget, if you finish this week’s activities and want to keep exploring music, you can find many more enrichment activities for all grades on my website. You can even login to Quaver through Clever to access the Student Portal and explore countless music related games, compositions, and activities!

Music with Ms. Caulton

Greetings from Ms. Caulton in the virtual music room!

Highlights of Week 11

Endeavour Jaguars dive into the genre of “pop” music

  • What makes pop music popular?
  • Featured song: “Lean on me”
    • Who was singer-song writer Bill Withers?
    • Learn the story behind the music
    • Why is this song still sung 50 years later?
  • Test your skills: Can you identify different genres of pop?
  • Take the quiz – you might have this week’s high score!
    • Last week’s high scores go to 2nd grader Zoe in Mrs. Wells’ class
      and 4th graders Divisha, Disha and Arjun in Mrs. Conant’s class.

CLICK HERE to access Clever.

  • Log into Quaver.
  • Go to the Assignments section of the dashboard
  • Launch 2nd_week 11 or 4th_week 11

Library Update with Mrs. Skosky

Notices and Library Book Returns

This afternoon you should receive an Overdue Notice from Library Services IF there are any books on your students library account. This notice is ONLY so you know what books are on your student's account to help you in returning books on your day next week. Classroom material pick up and library book returns are scheduled for June 17 and June 18. See more specific info below!

If you have any questions regarding the notice or the books on your students' account, please email me directly at skoskyl@issaquah.wednet.edu. Replying to the notice directly will NOT reach me.

Info On Material Pick Up from the Endeavour Website:

Wednesday, June 17th and Thursday, June 18th.

Please plan to come during the following times based on your LAST NAME:

Wednesday, June 17th:

· 9:00-11:00 LAST NAME starting with A – F

· 12:00-2:00 LAST NAME starting with G – L

Thursday, June 18th:

· 9:00-11:00 LAST NAME starting with M – R

· 12:00-1:00 LAST NAME starting with T – Z

· 1:00-2:00 LAST NAME starting with S

Please immediately pull into the bus loop when you enter the Endeavour driveway. Materials will be distributed from the bus parking area. To speed up the process, please clearly write your students last name & teacher (in bold marker if possible) on a piece of paper to display in your passage side window. Staff will locate your materials and place them in your trunk or backseat. **Please remain in your car at all times**

If you have Endeavour Library book or other textbooks, please plan on returning them to the school at this time. Medications will also be available for pick up during this process. If you ordered a yearbook from the PTSA, it will be included in the bag of your students’ materials.

All unclaimed materials will be donated to students in need.

Thanks for Reading!