The Research Project Part 2

The Narrative

The Interview vs. the Survey

One of your sources should be very simple to complete. We would like for you to complete either an interview or a survey.

Interview: Create 5 questions (open ended) that you will ask to one person. Keep in mind that your questions must lead to responses that will add to your research. (Look at your subtopics to ensure that the responses will help.

Survey: Create one question (that has multiple choice answers) and ask 10 people in order to gain information for your research paper.

Remember that you must choose one and include it in your annotated bibliography. Your annotation for this source should included the question and the people that you would like to respond.

Your results will be due on Friday this week (uploaded as a separate file to Edmodo).

Annotated Bibliography

Don't forget that this is due today!!! You should finish it within the first 30 minutes of class. You will need 5-8 sources including your survey or interview. Submit your response to Edmodo.

You're Half Way There!


Today you will start the note taking process using the online note taking app SimpleNote. I wanted to make sure that you have a source that you can access both here at school and in your homes or the library. Also.....There's an app for that (android and iPhone).

You will have to create an account using your school email. (That way you can access user/password information here.)

You will have to to several things in Simple Note:

1. Create 3 -4 Notes (one for each topic)

2. Copy and paste any material directly from a website that you plan to use and place in quotation marks.

3. Copy and paste the source information from the Annotated Bibliography

4. Write Paraphrase: Create a paraphrase of the copied material. Remember that you'll need to write everything in your own words. Don't forget your parenthetical documentation!!!

In the upper right hand corner, you will see an arrow. Click the arrow and publish each note individually. Paste each of the 3 links to edmodo to turn in your notes. These notes should be completed in the first 30 minutes of Thursday's class. Keep in mind that you need 5-8 sources total in your paper; therefore you must have notes from at least 5 sources. Don't forget your interview/survey.