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May 7, 2021

Todd's Tidbits

Hooch Families,

With a week left for the Class of 2021, I want to take this time to thank the students. I thank our Seniors for the perseverance and fortitude during the past year and a half. I thank them for remaining optimistic that we/they will get through the chaos of a pandemic. And, I thank them for being who they are...a Chattahoochee Cougar...through and through!

As you see in our background of the newsletter, I eagerly await May 20th at 7:00 pm, when this class of Seniors celebrate together their graduation and look to their future. While the future looks different for all of them, there is one thing they have in common and that is Hooch Family for Life!

All the best,

Dr. Mike Todd


Deadline for Learning Environment Changes

May 14th is the absolute last day to request any changes in learning environment for the end of the 2nd semester (F2F to Remote, or Remote to F2F). After May 14th, no more requests for change will be considered. All changes made up until May 14th are to remain in place through the end of the school year.

End of Semester Grades

Students- This is a gentle reminder that all late work for the 2nd semester is due to teachers by the end of the school day on Wednesday, May 12th, 2021. After that time, your teachers are no longer required to accept any past due work from you. As you look at your grades, keep in mind that you have to have 80% of your Summative category grades completed in order to receive a grade and credit for the course. If you’re less than 80% complete, your teacher will mark you as “Incomplete” for the 2nd semester, and you’ll have to clear that incomplete in Summer School. Get that work turned in! Finish Strong!

AP Exams Spring 2021

THANKS to everyone for their cooperation and patience as we navigate this challenging AP Testing period! We have 5 more days of F2F testing after today. Please see the attached schedule for room assignments and times. This schedule also includes online activities that must be completed by all AP Studio Art classes, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Research. Students should receive more specific information from their AP teacher for each respective subject.

Students that have requested the Digital Remote AP exam in June for courses that had Week 1 Administrations should see that election show by tomorrow in their MyAP/College Board account. Students in Week 2 courses should see that within a day after their respective course’s F2F exam is given.

Students are highly encouraged by College Board to use this weekend to:

Prepare for your AP Digital Exam experience and participate in the Digital AP Exam Practice Weekend, May 8 and 9. Use the weekend to download the digital testing application and practice with questions inside the app. This is the best way for students to preview the exam experience and confirm their computer will work as expected on exam day.

Students should follow the attached instructions with FCS issued-devices following the instructions to download the AP Digital App through the Software Center.

Step 1: Download and install the digital testing application. All students must log in to the app with their College Board username and password to complete installation. If you are using a school issued device, please ensure you restart your school device while connected to FCS wifi for proper application download. If you are not at school to restart your school issued device, please review the attachment regarding downloading the pp through Software Center. If you are using a personal device, please use this link for download the testing app: https://download.app.collegeboard.org/.

Step 2: Practice with example questions in the digital app. Students should participate in Digital AP Exam Practice Weekend on May 8 and 9. Students should use this weekend to download the digital testing app and practice with questions inside the app. his is the best way for students to preview the exam experience and confirm their computer will work.

Step 3: Complete exam set up. 1-3 days before the exam, all students need to take necessary steps to download exam onto computer. Please visit this link for more instructions regarding exam setup: exam setup overview.

Step 4: Check-in. Students are required to check-in to their exam 30 minutes prior to start time to complete final pre-exam checks. Students can only check in on the devices that they complete exam setup and application download.

*Students should review the AP Exam Terms and Conditions before they test.

Students with questions should consult their AP teacher then the AP Coordinator as needed.

Media Center

All graduating seniors (except for those who are taking summer school and completing AP Exams later in June) are required to return all county-issued computers and chargers to the media center no later than 3PM on 5/17 (Monday). A fine of $280 will be assessed on the student account if the media center does not receive the requesting items by the deadline.

Counseling Corner


Fulton County Summer School Registration is Now Open!

If your student needs to clear an Incomplete, retake a failed course, or would like to accelerate then please use the following links to register and learn the details of our summer school options.

For more information about Face-to-Face Summer School at Chattahoochee, please visit: https://www.fultonschools.org/Page/18470

** please note** Unless your student is in the CBI program, please do not register your student for the “Adapted Curriculum” Curriculum Summer School Sessions. The correct sessions are either “Summer 2021 Session 1 – Centennial/Chattahoochee/Johns Creek/Northview” or “Summer 2021 Session 2 - Centennial/Chattahoochee/Johns Creek/Northview”

For more information about Fulton Virtual Summer School, please visit: https://www.fultonschools.org/Page/7229

For more information about Georgia Virtual School, please visit: https://gavirtualschool.org/

Do Not Delay! Summer School Registration ends May 28th!

9th-11th Grade Final Exams: Spring 2021

Final exams are scheduled by department and the expectation is that your student takes the final exam at the scheduled time. Please contact your Assistant Principal if you have any questions about the final exams.

Friday – 5/21 1st Period Exam

1st period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

2nd period 10:20-11:05 (45 minutes)

3rd period 11:12-11:57 (45 minutes)

4th period 12:04-12:49 (45 minutes)

5th period 12:56-1:41 (45 minutes)

6th period 1:48-2:33 (45 minutes)

7th period 2:40-3:30 (50 minutes)

Monday – 5/24 3rd & 6th Period Exams

3rd period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

Break 10:10-10:25 (15 minutes)

6th period exam 10:25-12:15 (110 minutes)

Lunch (optional) 12:15-12:30

Buses Depart 12:40

Tuesday – 5/25 4th & 2nd Period Exams

4th period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

Break 10:10-10:25 (15 minutes)

2nd period exam 10:25-12:15 (110 minutes)

Lunch (optional) 12:15-12:30

Buses Depart 12:40

Wednesday – 5/26 5th & 7th Period Exams

5th period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

Break 10:10-10:25 (15 minutes)

7th period exam 10:25-12:15 (110 minutes)

Lunch (optional) 12:15-12:30

Buses Depart 12:40


We are excited to announce that Chattahoochee is starting their Inaugural Girls Flag Football team next fall and are searching for players to be a part of this historic opportunity. We want girls that want to build an organization from the ground up. We are looking for girls that want to enhance their skillset through cross-training and becoming a multi-sport athlete. Flag football is a GHSA sanctioned sporting event. The season starts October 4th and the last play date scheduled as November 20th. The championship game will be played at Center Parc Stadium (Georgia State’s Stadium) on December 9th. If you have any questions or want to be a part of this organization in any way, please email Michael Depa at depam@fultonschools.org.

Administrators and Department Chairs

Jonathan Adel - ELA and Fine Arts
David White; ELA; Whitedp@fultonschools.org

Lori Buonamici; Fine Arts; BuonamiciL@fultonschools.org

Garin Berry - Math, PE, World Language, and TAG
Terri Engelberth; Math; Engelberth@fultonschools.org

Chris Short; PE; ShortC@fultonschools.org

Nadia Ali; World Language; Aliahmady@fultonschools.org

Amanda Wile; TAG; Wile@fultonschools.org

Gwen Harris - Science and CTAE

Matt Mihordea; Science; Mihordea@fultonschools.org

Kylie Dayton; CTAE; Daytonk@fultonschools.org

Ingrid Parham - Social Studies and IRR
Tim Reeder; Social Studies; Reedert@fultonschools.org

Jeanne Dongieux; IRR; Dongieux@fultonschools.org

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