College Readiness Fast Track

5 Days to Get on Track

College Readiness Fast Track

What students will learn:

- How to Develop a Plan of Action

§ For Career Pathway

§ For College Pathway

§ For Degree Pathway

Bonus ~ The Art of Note Taking

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Identify the Career that best fits them

2. Identify the College(s) to attend based on their chosen career

3. Identify the Degree and Major needed for that chosen career.

4. Discover the number of years required for degree and career.

What Students Get

Each course registration includes a copy of the Your Major: 7 Strategies to Choosing the Right One by Sindy Eugene, a workbook filled with resources, tips, tools to serve as a reference during and after course and a Certificate of Completion that is perfect for framing.

Monday, July 28th to Friday, August 1st

This course is from 12:00pm - 1:30pm with the exception of Monday where the course will be from 12pm to 2pm due to Orientation. The location will be disclosed once the participant registers. Students must come with either a lap top, iPad, or tablet as the course is very interactive and hands on. The course will be a hybrid course giving students 3 face to face sessions and 2 online sessions.

Sindy, The Student Pathfinder

Sindy Eugene is the Founder and President of Global Youth Empowerment Movement Inc and My V.O.I.C.E Matters International. She is committed to empowering youth around the world to make their educational dreams a reality. She is known as The Student Pathfinder and specializes in helping students chart their course through her student development philosophy of education which is guaranteed to inspire their passion for learning by equipping students with the necessary skills needed to hone in their own learning style and soar academically. She makes learning practical, fun, energetic and real ensuring no one learning style is left behind.

Sindy has helped students from different walks of life to get on the right path to academic and social success. She worked with traditional and nontraditional students, military personnel, immigrant students, first-time in college students, middle and high school students, high school drop outs and business professionals seeking to further their education!! As a result of her proven results and passion for student success, Colleges, Universities, churches, private schools, public schools, for profit and non-profit organizations contract her expertise to host College Readiness, College Transition and Leadership Development workshops/seminars for their students, clubs and or organizations in addition to serving as a keynote speaker.