Civil War

NIkky Frener

Dred scott case

He was a slave, His owner took him to Illinois and Wisconsin witch are both free states to live. His master died and he was free. March 6, 1857 chief justice roger Taney upheld the ruling against Scott ,say that Scott had no right to sue he was considered property . It had been a big victory for slave supporters. slavery cannot be prohibited.
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On December 13,1862 Burnish ordered a series of assaults against Lee's confederate troops entrenched in the hills south of Fredericksburg Virginia. The union troops suffered over 12,000 casualties more then twice loss suffered by the confederates. Faces with complaints about Burnside from other officers Lincoln replaced him with general Joseph Hooker
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Appomattox Courthouse

Lee's desperate attempt to escape to Grants forcer failed hen sheridan's cavalry got ahead of lee's troops and blocked the road at the Appomattox Courthouse. when his troops fail to break through, Lee sadly observed with his ragged and battered troops surrounding and outnumbered Lee surrendered to grant at Appomattox courthouse on april 9 1865.
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Having weakened the union forces at Chancellorsville. Lee decided to invade the north again. In june 1863 he marched into Pennsylvania. At the end of june ,as lee's army forged in to Pennsylvania countryside, some of his troops headed into the town of Gettysburg to scout for the enemy. When arrived near town they encountered union cavalry. On july , lee attacked but the union troops healed there ground the next day ordered nearly 15,000 men under a massive assault.
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