BCHS Staff Newsletter

September 6, 2015

Welcome Back!

First, I want to thank all of you for the wonderful effort and collaboration at last week's PD. I am not that far removed (officially only 2 months) from the other side of those days. However, I must say it was some of the best collaboration between the two buildings I have seen in my 14 years at Brown City Community Schools. It was great to see the High School and Elementary staffs sharing their concerns, opinions, beliefs in the Evaluation session of PD. I was also very impressed with the attentiveness and willingness to learn new teaching strategies involving technology. The seven presenters did an outstanding job sharing what they already use in their classrooms! The hope is to create a culture of sharing and to begin seeing all of you incorporating new strategies into your lessons.

Here is a fun video for you if you haven't already seen it. Enjoy!

Teacher Draft

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First Day of School/First Week!

Here are a few reminders for the first day of school:

  • We will be passing our student schedules in the morning. We will do this in the cafeteria, and I can use as many teachers as possible to help with this. We will have tables set up for each grade level. All students will want to grab a new schedule (even if they picked one up from the office last week). Staff and classrooms assignments were not finalized until Friday.
  • Morning Supervision--As I told you last week, I will go out to the buses in the morning, Jesse will be by the "T" in the hallway, and Anthony will be in the cafeteria. Students should not be in the upper halls until after the bell rings.
  • Be sure to let your students know your expectations for your classroom and the building expectations we had discussed during PD. Here are a few reminders I would like you to touch on with the students:
  1. Cell Phones--Handbook Reads "Cell phones are not to be used during the school day unless approved by a staff member". That is what the kids need to know is the rule. Remember, I am totally okay with you using them in class as a learning tool. Also, (a reminder for you, but don't announce to the kids) we will not be enforcing this between classes at this point. If it becomes too big of an issue we will revisit it at a later date.
  2. Remind students of the tardy policy. They have 5 minutes between classes and will be marked tardy if (they are not in your room or whatever your class policy is, just be consistent).
  3. Let students know we are going to be using Saturday detentions again as a consequence for some behaviors.
  4. Remind students that bullying and cyber-bullying are not accepted here at school.
  5. Review the dress code section with students (page 20 of handbook)
  6. Go over (and explain) the Junior High and High School Incentive Programs. Copies will be placed in your mailboxes, and I will email them to you.
  7. Remind students about using Skyward to monitor how they are doing in classes.
  8. Let students know how to find and how you plan to use your website to help their learning.
  9. Remind students if any of their contact information (address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc.) have changed they need to notify the office, so we can get this updated.

  • Lunch Schedules: Please review with your students our lunch procedures (we have a lot of new students who will not know how lunch works here). We still have the 3 lunches just as we did last year, so please check the schedule to see which one you have. Those who have 2nd lunch--You will teach half of your 4th hour/go to lunch/then teach the other half of your 4th hour. Corinne and Lou have the option of going to the 2nd or 3rd lunch depending on what they are doing in their classes on those days.
  • Transitions--Please try to be visible and in the hallway (somewhere near your classroom) between classes. This will help you to get to the know the kids and help our building to cut down on hallway issues. Thanks in advance for your help with this.
  • End of the Day--I will have bus duty outside at the end of the day with whoever else is scheduled for the week.
  • Just a reminder that Bob and I will be into a lot of your classrooms. Our main goal is to observe and help you any way we can. If there is something you would like either of us to address to your class, please just let us know. We will be meeting with each grade level to go over expectations toward the end of the week.
  • Just a reminder we are not going to enforce the tardy policy until week two, unless a student is abusing the situation.
  • Please be patient with Sheryl and the office staff as we get student schedules sorted out. We are expecting some issues, but my hope is we can have all resolved by the end of the first week.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Friday, September 11@ 9am--Practice Lockdown Drill--Please review with your classes, at some point prior to Friday, how we handle this in your classroom. Veteran teachers please let any new staff know what is expected in your wing. If you have questions on what to do see me.
  • September 15--Jostens Packets distributed
  • September 15--School Pictures
  • September 16 @1:00--Parent Involvement Team Meeting in Library
  • September 17--Constitution Day, this is required so please work it into your lessons. If you need help with ideas please see me.
  • September 23 @ 8:25--Fire Drill
  • September 25--Pink Out Game vs Marlette, Tailgate/Dinner starts at 4pm
  • September 28--NHS Blood Drive
  • October 2--Student Early Dismissal/PD
  • October 5-9--Homecoming Week
  • October 7--Count Day
  • October 14--School-Wide Fall PSAT testing for grades 8-11. I will be getting with a few of you over the next couple of weeks to help plan this.

Locker Room Help

As a mentioned last week, I would appreciate any of our female staff that can help with girls' locker room supervision on their prep hours. It doesn't need to be every single day, but it does need to be fairly regular. The girls need to get used to seeing you in there before class or after class. If you are able to help with this just let me know, thanks.

First Hour Prep--Audrey, Corinne, Amy

Second Hour Prep--Just Male Teachers, (I will find another way to cover this)

Third Hour Prep--Maria, Febe, Lesley, Liz

Fourth Hour Prep--Carolyn

Fifth Hour Prep--Just Male Teachers, (I will find another way to cover this)

Sixth Hour Prep--Michele

Seventh Hour Prep--Sandi

**I only listed the female staff who would be able to cover the girls' locker room**

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Parting Thoughts

  • Please keep your Planbook updated. I will begin looking at these this week (as I make my schedule for classroom visits).
  • Spend this week getting to know ALL of your students. Building a solid relationship with them early in the year will pay big dividends for your classroom and their learning later on.
  • Begin to figure out where your students are at academically. We have discussed differentiating in our classrooms, and this evaluation period will help you plan those lessons.
  • Don't be afraid to step out of your "comfort zone". Take chances on some of the new technology strategies we have covered.
  • Just as all of you hope to "Start with a Clean Slate" with me, please remember all of our students deserve the same. Hopefully, those that may have given you problems last year have matured and are excited to be back. Remember they are just kids, and we need to be welcoming and fair to all of them.
  • Please keep me "in the loop" on any classroom issues that could end up in my office. I would rather hear from you first (and get your side of the story) than have a parent waiting to meet with me the following morning.

Let's have a great first week, and if there is anything you need from me don't hesitate to ask.