The Nazis

Rebekkah Hyder


Our nation seems at peace right now, but historically, the world was almost always at war. The Holocaust happened in World War II.The Holocaust was a sad event because six million Jews were killed. The Holocaust was started by the Nazis. The Nazi was created by Adolf Hitler in World War II. Hitler was determined to take over Europe and if possible the world. In order to do this they killed sixty million total people. The reason the allied forces did not fight right away was because there was no way to know where the Nazis planned to strike next. The Nazi started to create their plans ,they began to change everything, and they were stopped by the allies.

How the Nazis started

Adolf Hitler came and everything changed. He said there would be no unemployment and he can make Germany better. The SS and the SA were created and they listened and obeyed to every word Adolf Hitler said. They went from house to house killing anyone who was against Hitler. Adolf wanted to take over Europe and to do so they used the Blitzkrieg tactic. ‘’The Blitzkrieg tactic is massing of planes, tanks, and artillery’’ (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). With the Blitzkrieg tactic in use, “Germany defeated Poland in September 1939, Denmark in April 1940, Norway in April 1940, Belgium in May 1940, the Netherlands in May 1940, Luxembourg in May 1940, France in May 1940, Yugoslavia in April 1941, and Greece in April 1941’’ (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Adolf Hitler has won and he became the leader of one of the saddest events in history.

How the Nazis almost took over Europe

The Nazis did not stop because they thought they were unstoppable. They started to kill Children, Roma, Mulatto children, homosexuals, Jews, Jehovah’s witnesses, poles and other slaves, and Physical and medical disabilities. They killed the handicapped and the ill because they thought they were of no use. Some of the doctors were in it too. They would tell the doctors when someone is about to die and sent The Nazis in there to kill them. They killed the handicapped and the children with drugs or starvation.There were 200,000 handicapped were killed from 1940 to 1945. They created camps for anyone who went against German rule. They would send them to a camp to be worked to death. In January 1995 there were 700,000 people in the camps. The Nazis made a list of books that need to be burned because they thought the books were non-German. They went through libraries and stores and gathered the books and burned them in a bonfires. The United States was against the book burning because the books that were burned were good writers and good books. Once they started to do this everyone started to see how bad the Nazis were.

How the Nazis ended

They Nazis were finally stopped.After germany lost eight thousand soldiers they surrendered in France. After the German Army surrendered, Twenty million Germans were homeless (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the bunker after they surrendered. He was not alone. Eva Braun ( His wife) commits suicide with him.Two days before the suicide Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler got married. In 1956 a German court said he was dead. After the war was over United States and Great Britain celebrate V-E Day in victory of the Nazis being stopped. V-E Day is on May 8. They put out flags and banners on this day.


The Nazis started with Adolf Hitler coming to power, The Schutzstaffel and the Sturmabteilung police was created by Hitler, and The Nazis started trying to take over Europe. They also did some horrible things like They kill the handicapped, They create concentration camps, and they destroyed books. They finally end with Germany finally surrendered, Adolf Hitler committed suicide, and V-E Day was created. The holocaust was one of the saddest events in history. The Nazis were only able to do this because it took so long to fight back.