ticket to pass


no it was her exam day she was under a lot of stress and didn't mean to do it. they should of taken her to the place were her exam was to see if she was telling the truth. yes but they shouldn't have because it was an accident and she didn't mean to leave her ticket and wallet at home. if she gets fined she should pay it even though it was an accident. she could of called her parent as soon as she noticed her wallet was not on her.
yes Jodie should of been fine she broke the law. they did have reasonable belief not to accept her story and they should not have accepted it. they are well with in their right to arrest her. she should be happy she only go an $150 fine and nothing more. she could take it to court but then the judge would be harder on her.
yes she should have been. yes they do and they should not believe it because she could be lying. yes they do and the did arrest her. jodie should pay the fine. she could take to court but it will cost her a lot