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Please check out the designs below and leave feedback in the comments section. Shirts are in the rough stages of design now, and any and all suggestions would be appreciated. More details are at the bottom. Thanks!
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Artsy Black T-shirt with White Logo

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Black polo with white logo

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Basic Grey With Black Logo

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Basic Grey With Color Logo

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One Option For A Logo

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Another Idea

This is only a rough sketch, but Elyssa had a cool idea :)


All the places i'm checking out are getting about $15 dollars a shirt including shipping costs. It is generally…

$10 a shirt (base)

+$5 for color

+$5 for text on the back

+$? Shipping

The cheapest so far is the black on grey with customink (about $9 a shirt) . Duds n stuff is also another potential vendor to try.

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