Transition Plus Sep 17

May your coffee be strong, and your students be calm

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Student Day

The student day is from 9:40- 4:10. Students on teams 2 & 3 should remain in advisory until 4:10. Students on Team 1 should not be released prior to 4;05.

Student Schedules

Just a reminder for case managers: if you have students with an altered schedule, please let Rachel know, so she can drop the appropriate courses.

This is important for accurate attendance.

15 Day Drop

Monday, 9/17 is the 15th day of school.

Students who have not attended need to be dropped on Tuesday, 9/18.

Based on attendance and who has not been etagged, we have an idea of who should be dropped. However, some students may not have full schedules, so their attendance may not show up as not attending.

Please fill out a Student Withdrawal Form so Melissa/and or Traci, can properly withdraw students. Forms are by the staff sign out book next to Jason's office.

Please remember to take attendance on Fridays. This factors in for 15 day drops.

Walkie Info

Our contact for the walkie talkies said they need to be in the chargers and turned off each night. Doing so, will ensure they are fully charged for you to use in the morning.

If you don't do this, your walkie may die during they day.

New building update

As we are moving to the new building, I know there are questions about the details.

On September 18th our PD meeting will be talking about the move and what that will look like. Chad Carr will be joining us to be able to help with details about packing and the move.

Our tour dates have been postponed as the time we were originally scheduled for will be quite busy with completion of the building. We are hoping to get into the building the week of October 7th. Stay tuned for dates and times of tours for staff.

We desperately need plastic bags for students for changing.

Please bring them to the nurses office if you are able. Thanks!

Let's get social!

We are up and going on all platforms!

Please be sure to friend and/or follow us! If you have pictures or activities you like to share send the info to Melissa.

The start and end time on AESOP is currently defaulted to 8:00-4:00. Traci has requested that the time be defaulted to 8:30-4:30. Until that happens, please make sure the times are accurate when entering requests on AESOP.

Equity Follow Up

Rie Gilsdorf has shared with us the 17 questions from the professional development day on August 24th. If you are interested in the 17 questions Click Here.

They are under a Creative Commons license, so as long as you include the Creative Commons citation you can use and distribute for free.

Rie put a link on that sheet to the Presencing Institute's official set of questions (a bit different, but layed out more like a lesson plan with preparation and follow up suggestions).

The Field of the Future visualization is not on their site, which means they are holding it a bit closer to the vest. Anyone can sign up for the ULab Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), where it will be presented in the very first live session on September 20 - it will be recorded as well so course participants can watch at their convenience.

Here is the link to the 90-minute, self-paced introductory course, open now:

And here is the link to the full ULab 4-month course, registration open now and coursework opening September 13:

Please consider defining who your equity partner is for conversation to review items and topics that come up throughout the year.

SEAs wanting extended time

Cheryl Blood, Office Manager of Special Education and Health Services, is looking for 2 SEAs interested in assisting with childcare at the Parent Engagement meeting that will be happening on Tuesday, October 2nd from 5:00-8:00pm at the Davis Center.

SEAs interested in earning 3 hours of extended time by assisting with childcare should contact Cheryl at x85438.

This Week at TPlus

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Thursday----- Site Council------------------------- 4:30---- C206

Friday---------- ILT Meeting-------------------------- 8:30---- C205
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