Please Stop Laughing At Me



In The beginning of "Please Stop Laughing At Me" by Jodee Blanco,The main character Jodee Blanco is in eighth Grade at a christian school and everyone Made fun of her for being nice to a def girl and she later befriended the little girl.Later on at her christian school she gets bullied to the point where she moves to another Neighborhood after school was over.The summer was great for Jodee,and she had made lots of friends.When school started she started to grow a part from lots of her friends and gets picked on even worse.One day after school Jodee was walking to go outside to wait for her mother and gets Snow shoved down her thought to the point she can't breath anymore.She tells on the football team and she gets picked on worse,and the football team doesn't win the championship and Jodee is blamed for the team losing.Then her parents send her to a mental hospital to find out why she is getting picked on so much, and find out she is stressed all the time.Then Jodee gets a break off of school to go to grease with her mom and her dad. Jodee meats this beautiful guy and Jodee shows him her deformed breast.Going threw puberty is not easy for anyone.When Jodee gets back the school years just kept going by. Jodee's parents always said "Kids will be kids" when in reality,the kids are really mean and its not her fault. All jodee wanted was in this quote, "What a desperate,pathetic fool I was.Time after time my "friends" had shown me their true colors.Yet, I still wanted to believe that they were my"."Then later in tenth grade Jodee's best friend set her up with a date and they hit it off and date for awhile through eleventh grade.Later her boyfriend tries to go to the next level in their relationship,and Jodee isn't ready and they break up. Jodee in twelfth grade the prom is coming near and Jodee doesn't have a date. Jodee gets a date and has a good time and later she remembers that the last time she was at the dance she was with her boyfriend and her boyfriend stood up for her and had a good time." can overcome sadness,loneliness,even terrible loss. But guilt goes with you to the grave".

Character Analysis

The main character of the book "Please Stop Laughing At Me" is Jodee Blanco. Jodee is a try hard all the time and never stop kind of girl,she doesn't give up easily as you can tell because she puts up with everything ,but doesn't take kind to people that hate her in her mind. Jodee is a well and very confusing girl,and like a little adventure and mystery. Jodee is an outcast "The hardest part about being an outcast,isn't the love you don't receive.Its the love you give that no one wants ".


In the book Please Stop Laughing At Me the conflict in the book is a Character vs.society.This is the conflict in the story because whenever Jodee would go to make friends, she would be shot down by everyone because she was different. Jodee overcame this conflict by not letting people tear her down,But still had the bad memories of all of the bullying and harassment taken.Jodee became a big success and everyone of her classmates felt bad and apologies for there actions in high school,"People tend to consider being vulnerable is a bad thing.It's not. Vulnerability reminds us that we're human.It keeps us open to giving and receiving love. Without at least a little,we can become someone living in a prison".


The novels theme of Please Stop Laughing At Me has to be being popular isn't everything.This is the theme of the book because no matter how hard Jodee tried to fit in with the popular kids she would be shut down ,and rejected.The lesson I toke away from the book was that on the outside it looks like kids that are bullied look like there OK,but there not OK.All of the bullying has taken a tole on young peoples lives.Some kids that are bullied don't even want to be seen at school an sometimes say things they don't mean like "I'm going to kill myself",when some people actually mean what they say.Jodee uses this quote to her advantage like this one,"You don't get to choose who you are in life,but you can decide what you become".
Please Stop Laughing at Me

Textual evidence

Some of the most powerful moments of my book was when Jodee was going to her big High School reunion,and she was scared at first to go in and face all of her former bullies.When she walks in no one called her names and made fun of her she felt relaxed and happy that all of her old bullies are apologizing to her.That moment in the book for me made me almost cry and feel happy for Jodee,because we have been there with her throughout the book. My favorite quote from Please Stop Laughing At Me was "This book is a labor of love.It is dedicated to people who have cried themselves to sleep because they were different.It also is a celebration of the 'inner outcast' in all of us,and a humble attempt to inspire tolerance, understanding, and acceptance".This is my favorite quote because this really was almost everyone at one time or another ,just the reality of what bullying can do to your life.


I would rate the book Please Stop Laughing At Me five stars because this book gives everyone insight into the mind of a person being bullied.This book also had great emotion and was a real page turner ,this book was just hard to put down.The last reason why I give this book a Five stars is because of the character relationship created between Narrator and the reader,it really made me feel like i was right there with Jodee.


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