Command Economy


Being in a Command Economy is Great cause it has so many great commands with it

The Facts

An Command Economies have really good Dictators that like to take over the country and only have the power for them self.

People only get paid the same amount of money because its how the dictator want it ..Isn't that great and the dictator gets more money because he rules the country.. showing us on how he is a great leader.

In a Command Economies, people who work really hard on making products shows the government how well they did and is forced to give it to he can show its off and sell it for himself..taking all of the credit..Now that what good leaders to show how great their country is.

Command Economy


In a Command Economic, some people believe that the government picks your life a little 2 easily, but He does it to save money, products and to not get involved with others counties, but isn't fun to let someone else pick your job, future, home and etc. it makes us feel safe and sound

Some of the Dictators in the world


Now that you see the great things about Command Economic, you should consider staying away trust me your life will change for the greatest things they have to offer