GMO project

by:dakota hutchins

how genetic engineering can help humans can make some people have a healthier life

B.can cause death to some children at young ages

risks to the environment

A.can cause environment problems it can make plants toxic to wild life and could ill wild life.

What it can do to the ecosystem

Health risks of genetic engineering have sometimes been described in exaggerated, alarmist terms, implying that foods made from GE crops are inherently unsafe. There is no evidence, for instance, that refined products derived from GE crops, such as starch, sugar and

what are people afraid of do to genetic enginering

Engineering specific traits into select species threatens the planets biodiversity by upsetting the natural balance. Engineered organisms spread uncontained into the wild. They also spread their genes into the gene pool. Once engineered organisms are released, there will be no recalls, and as they continue to upset nature, it may be impossible to undo the damage

how are genetic foods safe or unsafe for humans and animal consumption

A.That’s not what the cited 2013 study concluded. The authors found that whole genes from our food can be detected in our plasma. That does not mean that they’ve integrated into our DNA; it means that they’ve been found floating in the space between cells.
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componies with GMO to make there products





benefit of labeling

no because if they do the the people don't want to buy the product because its bad for you it can give you allergies.

the farm animals that are fed GMO products





and it helps them get bigger and make more meat

how many countries have to label there GMO products

30 countries are signed for restrictions and some people say we shouldn't have GMO foods because its bad for us it is but some people like but if we didn't have GMO foods we would not have of the foods we have today.


I think that we shouldn't have these GMO products because what they can do to you like can give you allergies and can make you get sick for like along time people say.
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