New Marmot, OR

By Sam, Casey, George, and Malachi

Why New Marmot!

If you like days at the beach in the summer, amazing scenery, great schools and safety services in your community, then New Marmot is the place for you. New Marmot also includes eco-friendly charging stations instead of gas stations for electrical cars. It is very easy to Bike around the city with rentable bikes ported all around that you could rent for the day with cash or credit. Our community is also fully powered by an eco- friendly hydro-electric dam system.

Recreational Places in New marmot

New Marmot includes Multiple places for recreational use such as our Science Park with intuitive scientific sculptures. And Our beautiful multi purpose trail around Lake christine that is within walking distance to some parts of town. We also include a recreational gym for all community members to use.

Art in New Marmot

Art is very plentiful in New Marmot. Our community is filled with multiple statues relating to the ancient Romans Idea to include imperfections and straying away from the Greeks idea to include make every statue look perfect. Our community will also have mosaics on walls and floors of public spaces and included in some of our homes.
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Architecture of our community will mainly be based off of Greek and roman designs. Some of these including having lots of columns in front of the building for support like the ancient Greeks and Romans did. Most of our government buildings will have the same base design as the picture on the right including columns and a dome.

Science in New Marmot

New Marmot includes many things relating to science. One of our most popular attractions is our science park with artistic statues that illustrate properties of physics, bio-mechanics and wind & water power.


New Marmot's sports teams are very successful especially Marmot highs Fighting Marmot foot ball team the fighting Marmots have won Oregon's state championship the past 2 year in a row. And our Marmots basket ball team has a top ten recruit that in the upcoming draft could be a number one pick.