Baseball is american sport.You win the game by hitting the bat and you run all four bases to score one run.The team with the most runs wins.The reason people play baseball is because you can earn rewards,trophies and its fun.There are nine players on a team.There are nine innings.There are two team is in the field trying to catch the ball and throw the ball to get the runners out.The other team is trying to hit the ball and git runs.


Baseball requires a lot of equipment.Each team gets a different.Each team gets a different uniform.Everyone needs cleats,gloves,bats,helmets and baseballs.cleats are special shoes that grip the ground.The glove is for catching the ball.When you go up to bat you war a helmet to protect your head from the ball.You use a bat to hit the ball.There are metal bats and wooden bats.


Baseball has all kinds of positions. When you go up to bat you will see a catcher and a pitcher.The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher but the batter tries to hit the ball before the catcher gets it. If the batter hits the ball you will run to first base, second base, third base and home base.
Thug Life Baseball Compilation - Part I