LSMSA Student Services Update

September 9th, 2013

Sadie Hawkins Dance - Permissions Due Monday, September 16th

The first of the year's major dances - the Sadie Hawkins Dance - will be held on Saturday, September 21st in the LSMSA gymnasium. We hold four major dances per year and, on these nights, students may drive or ride with other students if they have parental permission submitted by the deadline on the required form.

Several special policies are in place for major dance nights. Please carefully review the major dance policies on our website.

As well as the policies for the night, you'll find links to the driving/riding permission form and the forms that are required for a student to bring a guest to the dance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 318-357-2507.

LSMSA Tutors Ready to Help Their Peers

While all our LSMSA students are capable and intelligent students, many nevertheless find that succeeding academically at LSMSA requires some adjustments to their study habits. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting an earlier start on their (much greater supply of!) homework. Given that classes do not meet as often as classes at their old schools did, students have to learn to work more independently as well. Certainly our students also discover that the pace at which new material is presented is often accelerated as well.

Fortunately, in order to “make the leap” academically, students don’t have to fend for themselves. Instructors offer office hours as well as time during “guided study.” And another important resource for students who need assistance is our staff of peer tutors. Thirteen upperclass students have been chosen to serve as tutors, and collectively they are able to offer assistance in most classes.

On Monday through Thursday evenings from 6:30-8 pm, the CPT building is open for evening study. Although some students are required to attend evening study hall, all students are welcome, and many find that it is easier to concentrate and work effectively by getting away from the buzz of the residence halls! Student tutors are available each night during evening study. (A schedule is included at the link below.)

Once evening study is over, tutors are scheduled to work in both dorms from 8:30-10 pm as well. Both buildings have quiet study rooms where tutors meet and offer help to their peers.

Many students are shy about asking for help. Nevertheless, we hope that they will make use of all of our on-campus resources, including our peer tutors, in maximizing their academic efforts.

New Students Quickly Adjusting to Dorm Life!

As we begin the fourth week of school, most students have settled in and are beginning to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. They've been waking up for class on their own, they're becoming more familiar with all the sign-out policies, they've made new friends, and perhaps they've recently mastered a valuable skill at an Expanded Orientation program - such as how to do laundry, quickly chop an onion, or check their oil.

Each semester, students have the opportunity to change rooms within their respective residence halls. This week, any student who wishes to change rooms must meet with the Coordinator of Residence Life to review the room change process and submit the necessary paperwork. Prudhomme residents will meet with John Shore on Monday evening (September 9) and Caddo residents will meet with Kimberly Rogers on Tuesday evening (September 10). Once approved for a room change, students will be notified as to when they may begin moving to their new rooms.

If you have any concerns about how your student is adjusting to life at LSMSA, please don't hesitate to contact their Student Life Advisor. Keep in mind that adjustment to the academic requirements sometimes takes a bit longer. Be patient if you are starting to see some lower grades than those you are accustomed to seeing, but do feel free to contact their instructors if you are worried.

Campus Activities

There is always something going on around campus during the evenings and on weekends. Since the start of the semester, less than four weeks ago, there have been more than fifty programs on campus. Activities range from movie nights to Zumba to video game tournaments and dances. There is something for everyone and we are always trying to plan new and exciting programs to appeal to different student interests.

Almost all of our activities are funded by the student activity fee that parents are asked to pay. We (and your students) appreciate your support!

LSMSA Families Directory - Don't Be Left Out!

Don't forget to complete the information form for the Parents Directory, if you wish to be included. Simply follow the link below and enter whatever information you'd like to have included. If more than two parents/guardians should be included, simply complete the form a second time with the additional information.

The final directory will be shared with LSMSA parents to help you connect with other parents in your area.

LSMSA Ties on Sale Now

Prudhomme Hall Council and the Student Activity Board are proud to offer for sale the official Louisiana School tie! The school tie was designed especially for LSMSA several years ago, but our initial stock sold out. However, we are expecting a new shipment of ties in mid-October, and we’re offering a special pre-sale price for these custom-designed silk ties. Since the boys are now sporting bow ties, we have also designed a bow tie to sell, and these will be available in mid-October as well. Several of the boys have already pre-ordered ties, and we are happy to extend our pre-sale to parents and family members as well. If you’re interested in ordering a tie, email John Shore at for more information.

Mark Your Calendars! Halls Close for Extended Weekend

Thursday, Sep. 26th, 4pm

715 University Parkway

Natchitoches, LA

Tickets for the Economics Club Bus will go on sale on 9/19/13.