How to Survive in the Canadian Wild

By Lorelai Crook


  1. Call for help
    Why: In case you are lost of hurt
    How: Make a fire or spell out the word help for someone to see

  2. Stay on the trails
    Why: so that you do not get lost
    How: Watch the path and signs

  3. Don’t move after dark
    Why: so that wild animals don’t attack you
    How: stay in the test or cabin

  4. Navigation
    Why: so that you do not get lost
    How: by using a compass

  5. Protecting from the weather
    Why: so that you do not get cold or wet
    How: pack rain gear and clothing from cold weather

  6. Nourishment
    Why: so that you make sure that you can enough to eat
    How: set traps to can animals

7. Carry a good tool
Why: to protect yourself from animals
How: a sharp knife

8. Fresh water

Why: to keep from dehydration

How: bring fresh water with you

9. Shelter

Why: to keep from the elements

How: pitch a tent

10. Organization

Why: to keep all of your supplies together so you don't lose anything

How: pack a book bag with lots of pockets

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