Community Mansion House

Oneida, NY Eric Hills

Community Rules and Laws

*All property/ persons is held common

*No one own anything by their self

*Tobacco/ liquor cannot be used by members

*Members cannot drink tea or coffee

*Abandon themselves for the community

*No rule other than laws of the Bible

Family Guidelines

*Was expected to follow complex's marriage, mutal criticism, and confession

*Members didn't live in traditional "family" units

*Members was part of communal society- with large groups of people in large quarters together

*Man and woman was found of each other, they both was separated to keep spirit of communal living strong

*Kids were not allowed to eat sugar

Marriage Guidelines

*Members practice marriage and group marriage

*Marriage with slavery, husband owns the wife

*Relationships was approved by Central Guidance Committee

*Exclusive attachments wasn't allowed


*All ages and all sexes must be educated

*Education viewed the individual improving themselves and their society

*They studied Astronomy, Greek, French, and Arts

*Studied bible daily but didn't practice Christian rituals


*Formal division of labor

*Entire community worked one task until it was finished

*Oneida community industry was silver making

Religious Beliefs

*Oneida community was strong believers in Christianity

*Christ occurred and they should attempt to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth

Medial Guidelines

*Members wasn't allowed medication

*Community desired to control the number of the children that was born in the community

*Made a selective breeding project that was called Stirpiculture

*Sickness and pain was believed to cause spiritual deficiency

*Didn't believe in doctors

Government Guidelines

*Had communist governments

*Members of community had to accept mutual criticism

*21 committees supervised aspects of community life

*Administration divided in 48 departments

*Board meetings was held every Sunday to give reports and discuss decisions that needed to be made by the community