Port Credit Evening

Resources to Support the 6Cs

Thank you for coming this evening

Below you will find a variety of tools to support your exploration of the 6cs at home with your child.

For an overview of the vision in Peel click here.

To download A Parent's Guide to 21st Century Teaching and Learning click on the link below.

Character & Citizenship

As we live in a digital age it is important that we help our learners understand that good citizenship happens both in the physical world as well as the online world. In Peel we encourage character traits like honesty, caring and responsibility,

in both online and face to face interactions.

Helping your child navigate the online environment is a bit like teaching them to drive. to start the dialogue the following family media agreement from Common Sense Media may be useful.

Below is a detailed Prezi for parents on digital citizenship.

Creation & Critical Thinking

There is an abundance of information now available on the Internet. It is important to be able to critically sort through the variety of tools out there. The Peel Library eReources are a great start when looking for information.

Remember that you can access the library eResources through byod.peelschools.org if available at your school.

Below are just a few apps and web tools to get you started. Please make sure to read the terms of agreement as a family.

Collaboration & Communication

Digital tools are enhancing the ways we communicate and collaborate with others, connecting our classrooms to those around the world.

Below are just a few of the ways.

For one parents' story of how they kept the lines of communication open with her children reading the following article; Beauty is Only Skin Deep, But Instagram is to the Bone from the Huffington Post.