Mortal Kombat


How to play

This is how you play Mortal Kombat. To jump you bring the left stick up. To hit you push X. To kick you push Y. To duck you bring the left stick down. To do special move you hold RT and LT. RT and LT are buttons on the controllers. To move you move the left stick left and right. To block you hold RT.

How to unlock people

To unlock the first person you need to beat the game. To unlock the rest of the people you need to buy them. They cost $5.00. You buy them on xbox live. You need wifi to buy them. If you take the game out while it your waiting it stops. there is also a new person. The people you have to unlock are Jason,Goro,Tremer,Predater,and Tyana.


In Mortal Kombat you don't have to do story. You can do single fight, fantality practice, tutorial,, krypt, and practice. Krypt is where you can walk around and go in caves. Tutorial is where it teaches how to do moves. single fight is where you can figh other people.