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About is slam

The followers of the Islam religion are called Muslims. One of the beliefs that Muslims belief is that two sources compliment each other, but also that only the Our'an is holy and infallible. Another belief is that there is 1 God who is all mighty and powerful god. also they belief in angles and that they make your wish true. Some traditions for the Islamic religion are they pray 5 times a day. Also they have special food for times. The places of war ship for Islam are called mosque. Mosque means a temple or place for warship. Anther place of war ship is called the dome of rock. The warship leaders of Islam are called Sunni Muslims. They are the ones who lead the mosque. The holy book for Islam is called the Qur'an . Is the holy book for the Islam religion. The holy days for Islam are Eid Al Adha and the Eid Al Adha. The holy site for the Islam religion is called the dome of the rock. For the first question the answer is Abraham. The second question is monotheism.