Sealand Lady

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About Me

I'm from Sealand the land of the New People. We are different kind of people with abilities that differ from the primitive. We can speak with our minds. We are very technologically advanced. In Sealand I study and try to improve thought communication power. I hope one day all will realize we are the real superiors. I flew into a place called Labrador with a community that thought they knew the true image, I was there to save a young girl with amazing mind communication abilities. She contacted me from thousands of miles away with ocean between us. I love being able to save people of the superior race, who had hide their abilities in fear. In Sealand our people don't have to live in fear anymore and can harness the true power of their amazing abilities. If you can't mentally communicate you are missing something, and those who live life thinking that their way of life with only singular communication are primitive. To all of my people I will see you in my thoughts.

My Favourite Quote

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This quote really does speak to me. I says that not all people are equal and those who can't do what others can't are lesser. if you are the best at what you do those who don't have the same power are not as important.

Favorite Songs Playlist

Things That Represent Me

I asked my friends to choose something that describes me. Hear is what they said.


- You are like a Virtual Reality machine. You don't believe it's real until you see it. That is how I felt when I was told you were coming to help us, I thought you were impossible.


- You are like Pepsi. You look like something different, but really you are the same just with a different point of view. You are just as discriminating as the people of Waknuk just against people who think they are the norm.


- You are like a lifesaver. You came to save my life and rescue me when I needed somebody to the most.


- You are like the Angels Trumpets flower. These flowers seem beautiful but are very poisonous. When you came with your flawless features you looked beautiful but you used your machine to murder all those people.


- You are like an iPhone. You think think you and all the others like you are better just beacause you have iMessage. You think those who are like you are better then everybody else.

Monologue While Traveling To Labrodor

She has a unbelievable amount of power. With proper training she could be a legend she will go down in Sealand history and I'll be the one who brought her their. I would be the creator of a legend. I would be a hero but it won't all come without its challenges. We have to travel through large amounts of badlands. Also she has others with her she says they also have the gift, but obviously more weak then hers. But if we can get through all of the setbacks and struggles would have been worth it. What if those people can't even keep her safe all of this would have been for nothing but a waste of resources and time. Maybe we should return to Sealand. It's to late to turn back now we are already hours into our travels and turning back would mean I have given up and that is something I never do. I guess we must just keep on going on and hope for better over worse.