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Here in Pacmania we have a democracy where the people and the mayors vote counts and we select a leader from these votes.
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The type of economy that we have in Pacmania is a capitalist economy. We have two parties: Democratic and a third party for enviromental purposes.

Leader Sam Jamison

In Pacmania, our president believes that if we are going make it in this world we will discuss all of our problems with the country and then decide from there.

President- Sam Jamison

Secretary - Samantha Pinksly

Federal law enforcement- Ghosts


In 1893 Pacmania Had a small civil war against Inkyainapolis (now Powerberg) and this war lasted over a year.
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Pacmania is located west of Brazil and East of Africa and the Island itself is shaped like a vertical pac-man eating a ghost. The island of Pacmania has many famous monuments. The size of Pacmania is as big as the United states of America and is home to just over 310.60 million and a large majority of these people have jobs.
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This is what Pacmania looks like

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Natural resources

Natural resources include- Exotic fruit and normal fruits and lumber


The allies of pacmania are everyone accept for Syria and North Korea.


Over half of the citizens of Pacmania work.


The language that is spoken throughout Pacmania is america english.