Anne Hathaway

The Wife

The Wife, Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, was the wife of William Shakespeare. She was born in a small town in Shottery, near Stratford: in 1555. Ms.Hathway met her husband on a walk, she at the time was twenty six years of age, and Mr. William Shakespeare was eighteen years of age, the two fell in love. William and Anne were hurridly married in 1582 having a November wedding. The reason of this was because the two courted before marriage causing Anne to become pregnant. They had the wedding before she started to show, the two had a catholic ceromony. Anne and William had three kids all togther; two being girls and one being a boy. When Mrs.Anne Shakespeare passed away the year was 1623 and had asked to be burried with her husband so there lvoe could last forever.

The Lovers Works of Art

Plays action and writting

Shakespeare's love for Juliet was shown even in works of art, he wrote a play about her and the feelings he had towards her. It was called "The Dark Lady". It may not sound like the sweetest play ever made for someone's wife but it was written not for her but about her.