Weekly Newsletter / April 15, 2016

SURVEY: Product Gaps: Dressing & Beverage

The Mid Atlantic Marketing Team is committed to bringing on a well-rounded Product Assortment; one that best meets the needs of our Internal (you) and External Customers. With a project this large in scope, we have decided to review a handful of subgroups every couple of weeks and gather feedback to effectively round out these categories. This focused approach does mean that we have to send out several of these surveys during the course of the next couple of months. However, this focused approach allows all of us to review the current lineup, identify gaps, and quickly bring in these new items. Please note that the survey is designed for one response per item, however, feel free to submit this as many times as you need, until the deadline. Upon deadline we will close this category, start sourcing the items per your suggestions, and provide the team with a status update.

Deadline: April 29, 2016


Controlled Items- Reminder

There has been a recent increase in the number of requests to open National Chain Controlled items.

The typical turn around time is 24 hours, but we usually receive a response from the Managers in Grand Rapids rather quickly. We will continue to do everything we can to turn these around within a few hours.

National Chain items are controlled by National Account Managers in Grand Rapids. Each request is required to be approved by the Manager as well as the Logistics Analyst before opening to our local accounts.

New Items in STOCK!!!

We recently reviewed the list of items you shared with your Market Managers as a need for the market. In turn, Dennis published a list to the Daily Dish on Thursday morning including Grocery, Bakery and Non Foods items.

Discontinued Blow Out Items- Need to Clean up the Slots

As a team, we have decided to Discontinue the following items (**these items have been reviewed and approved by the CDS team) due to lack of movement. However, we still have cases in the slots and need your help moving through this inventory allowing us to empty out the slot. We have added Hot Pricing to these items to help them move.

You will be directed to the Blow Out documents by clicking on the bar below.

Mid-Atlantic Blow Out Items (Discontinued)

Click here to review discontinued inventory as well as the amount of cases at risk.

Long Inventory Blow Out

We are a bit long on inventory on these items. We are offering hot pricing on "long" cases to help stabilize inventory and avoid the dreaded and very expensive liquidation. Please note these items are not being discontinued.

Lets work together to ensure we do not liquidate. Please click on the link below to review all of the items we NEED your help on. The list reviews the items and the cases at risk.

Long Inventory: Please help Move

Click here to review the inventory we are long on, as well as the amount of cases at risk.

Looking for Point of Sale? We have you covered!

Gordon Food Service Branded Point of Sale

Looking for sales materials for brands? Click on this button review a file of Gordon Food Service brand Point of Sale. This is a great way to review content to the Mid Atlantic Division only; not to mention to review stocked branded items.

Corporate Capabilities Point of Sale

Looking for those materials that help tell the story of "Who we are" and "What we can do", by clicking this button you will be able to review those materials that tell this story. This is a great piece for New or Potential Customers

Mid-Atlantic Insider

Our weekly Insider can be found on the Mid-Atlantic site under Marketing Information.

This is a great resource to view market trends, new items, and discontinued items.


New Item Requests

We have seen great success in the team using the New Item Request form!!

As a reminder, there are two ways to submit new item requests. First, the established spreadsheet is a valuable time-saver and is recommended when a CDS is submitting multiple new items in one sitting. Second, the new item form can be used to populate one new item at a time. I have included a link below for both resources. I would imagine you will become comfortable with one format and stick with that, it is totally up to you!





To keep track of your request, visit the below link which will take you to the Master- New Item Request Form. Marketing continues to work on these requests each day.