Fandom Project-Breaking Bad

Jacob Nesbit

Production companies, creator, distributor, writers, etc

Production companies- High Bridge Productions, Gran Via Productions, Sony Pictures Television, AMC

Creator- Vince Gilligan

Distributors- Sony Pictures Entertainment, AMC, Arte, FX

Writers- Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, George Mastras, Sam Catlin, Moira Walley-Beckett, Gennifer Hutchison, John Shiban, J Roberts, Patty Lin

Special Effects- Velocity Visuals

Main Stars- Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn,

Box Office/ratings

Ratings for Breaking Bad went through the roof and actually won a Guiness World Record for Highest rating for a TV show.

Millions of viewers tuned in to watch Breaking Bad when it was shown on TV and millions more watch it today on Netflix or DVD.

The highest rated episode was towards the end of the series and was entitled "Ozymandias" it consisted of the foreshadowing of the ending of the 5 season journey.

The lowest rated episode was entitled, face off, between Gus and Walt. Although this was still a very high rated episode it wasn't the highest.

Fans Reactions/Critical Reviews

Fans Reactions- Many fans including celebrities took to Twitter after the Breaking Bad season finale. Everyone with the same reaction. What a series that was. The finale ended very fittingly going out with a few bangs and everyone's mouth wide open begging for more. It's safe to say that this series didn't disappoint and that fans reaction were 98% positive.

Critical reviews- It is very tough to find critical comments about this TV series. Almost all the comments tend to be positive. The only things that I have seen are about how there are some lulls in the middle of season where one or two episodes tend to get a little boring or off track. As well as some of the science portions of the TV show to be proven untrue. Obviously they cannot be completely accurate with all of their meth making most of what is shown is true.

Target Audience

The target audience for Breaking Bad tends to be mature audiences rather than children. Teens specifically tend to find the series fun and interesting. People who enjoy science or chemistry are also targeted by this TV series. With much of the episodes focused on trying to find the right recipe to cook crystal meth through chemistry. Science enthusiasts find this show interesting.

Market Segmentation-


There are multiple Jargon phrases/words that are used throughout Breaking Bad. Some include...

Banjo Eyes- banjo eyes refers to eyes being wide open and is used by Hank multiple times.

Dark territory- this refers to a section of railroad tracks that is not directed and is just wide open.

Dead drop- or a closed off place that is used to pass materials from one person to another.

Huckleberry- being a huckleberry means to be just the right person for the job.

Fandom artwork, cosplay, etc

"Heisenburg" is a very well acclaimed name from the TV show , that is well known to anyone who has seen the series. This name refers to what they called the main character, Walter White, when he was trying to stay under the radar. So rather than going by his actual name this is what they called him. Heisenburg can be found on any artwork about the series, but is more popularly seen on the T- shirts that fans adore. Fans can be seen wearing the yellow suits as well as the gas masks that are worn throughout the series at conventions or any cosplay events for Breaking Bad.
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Social Media/Communication

There are multiple accounts on twitter that are specifically for fans. Accounts include news about the series/news about the actors/directors/writers, etc. Although only a select few of these accounts are actually legit and have over 1,000 followers they all have the same goal of informing the public and fans of the series. In addition to the twitter accounts there are also facebook accounts all over the site that have the same target as the twitter account.


Breaking Bad has an official site that is specifically designed to sell officially licensed merchandise. This includes the Heisenburg shirts, a great variety of figures/collectables, a very diverse group of Breaking Bad shirts. These products are all sold regularly but the best seller would have to be the "Heisenburg" shirt.

Unauthorized fandom

I couldn't find any unauthorized fandom that sold merchandise, but what I did stumble upon was unauthorized parody accounts on twitter, facebook, etc. These accounts state in their info that they are unauthorized. Through these accounts they may sell merchandise that has something to do with the series. This takes away a small percentage of revenue but nothing drastic, less than 2%.
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Other sources of generated revenue

Revenue can be generated through many different ways, but one specific way lies in the copies sold after the show has been aired. Many fans have gone out and bought the DVDs and watch them repeatedly. Although most of their revenue comes from their official site, they generate a lot of revenue through this as well.

Continued part 2

- There are all kinds of things that could be sold relating back to Breaking Bad. But one that I believe would be a real hit is, the hat that Heisenburg wears throughout the show. Selling the hats would be a hit through the website.

- upUnfortunatley Breaking Bad has wrapped up its final season and it doesn't look like there will be much fandom production anywhere in the near future. Although that being said there could be new ideas spur up and be sold through the site.

- I think that the thrill and suspense that comes along with Breaking Bad really resonated with the public. When you watch one episode you can never just watch one you have to continue watching, because it's addicting. That resonated with the public.

- The overall theme has to do with drugs and the business side of dealing crystal meth. I feel like the chemistry aspect and not just the business side of drugs really had an affect on the fandom. People tend to enjoy looking into the science part of the drug making as well as the protective gear that is worn.

- the most famous characters include, Walt, Jessie, and skylar. These were characters that were the most consistent throughout the entire series, they all had different qualities while Walt was the smart chemistry teacher, Jessie was the punk weed dealer that had more of a personality, and skylar was walts wife that was peace checker.

- There are message boards, although they are not very active anymore, being that the series is no longer showing, people who are just now watching the show from time to time will see some activity on the board.

- Not many backlashes against my topic, there may have been a few towards the end of the series when Walt died. People who may not have liked the way the series ended could have easily backlashed and blackballed my series.

Part 3

- what has caused so much hardcore fandom surrounding my topic is the huge sensation that the series generated. It not only got the target audience but made it way past that intriguing many diverse groups of people causing fanatics to increase their fandom considerably, which is remarkable.

- something that I see all the entertainments have in common is that they have reached all kinds of audiences and got more than just their target audience. This generates a lot of fandom and audiences and I think that's something that they all have in common.

- people enjoy being apart of something and entertainments such as these gives them such as sense as well as keeping them in the social loop. People can find bonds between people through these entertainments and I think this is why there is such hardcore fandom.

- wish fulfillment- the satisfying of desires in dreams or fantasies

Escapism- the seek to find a distraction from reality

Audience surrogate- fictional character which whom the audience can identify

Character identification- the psychological relationship between the audience and a character.

All of these terms relate to my hardcore fandom because they are all things that the audience experiences or reasons for their hardcore fandom. Reasons include, escapism, wish fulfillment. Things that the audience experiences includes audience surrogate and character identification.

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