Dianne Feinstein

Democratic Senator of California


  • Feinstein was born in San Francisco on June 22, 1933.
  • One of California's first female senator along with Barbara Boxer during the election in 1992.
  • Re-elected as senator 4 times. Had the most popular vote in 2012.
  • Served as the 38th mayor of San Francisco. (1978-1988)
  • Graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart High school (1951) and Stanford university (1955) with a B.A in history.
  • Remarried 3 times.

Pros and Cons of Developing the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Louisiana


  • Strengthen relations with Canada
  • Create jobs for many
  • Benefit local communities by business activity and tax revenues
  • Provides the U.S. to access safe and reliable energy supplies from Canada
  • There will be a source of oil nearby and will stimulate the economy
  • Safest way to transport oil

  • Will worsen carbon pollution
  • Will accelerate climate change
  • The costs for the oil is too much
  • Will destroy the Boreal Forest (place where the oil is found) and destroy animal's habitats
  • Increase high greenhouse gas emissions
  • They use the dirtiest source of fuel

Pros and Cons of a Minimum Wage Increase of $2.95 an hour, to $10.10 an hour


  • Help support families working in fast food jobs
  • Would lower the amount of Americans relying on these jobs
  • Would help out college students with student loans
  • Would relieve taxpayers of paying for these workers

  • Will eliminate full time jobs
  • Will cause stores to reduce their workforces
  • Stores will close
  • Smaller franchisees are taking from bigger fanchisees

Feinstein's General Platform

  • For abortion (pro-choice)
  • For same-sex marriage
  • Encourages family safety
  • Wants to ban guns

Feinstein's Position on:

Raising the minimum wage:

Feinstein believes that the minimum wage should be raised to $7.25. In doing this, she believes that this will help resolve the poverty issue going on for many American families. She also believes that raising the minimum wage will add stability to businesses.

The Building of the Keystone Pipeline:

Feinstein is against the building of the pipeline because she fears that it will hurt the environment. She strongly suggests that we should use safe and clean energy to avoid the increase of pollution.

Might Not be up for Re-election

The re-election for this senate is not until 2018. However, she recently hinted that she might not go for re-election. Though she is currently the oldest member of the senate, people are still unsure if she will go for the re-election in 2018.