Watauga Weekly

April 11-15, 2016


Week of Apr 11 - National Library Week

Week of Apr 11 - BOGO Book Fair

Tues, Apr 12 - 7th Gr. Parent Night for online courses 6:00

Tues, Apr 12 - AVID Night

Wed, Apr 13 - AVID Site-Team Mtg.

Thurs, Apr 14 - All Day ARDS

Fri, Apr 15 - Theatre UIL School Performance

Sat, Apr 16 - Theatre UIL One Act Play Competition

Sat, Apr 16 - Regional Art Competition Junior Vase

Word WITHIN the Word... (Recycling of the lists)

inter (between) international, interdepartmental

intra (within) intracellular, intravenous, intracranial

intro (into) introduce, introspective, introvert

mal (bad) malevolent, malcontent, malicious, malign

mis (bad) misfit, mistake, misfortune, misfire, misdeed

non (not) nonstop, nonprofit, none, nonconformity

post (after) posthumous, postscript, posterity, posterior

pre (before) prelude, premonition, premature, predict

semi (half) semiaquatic, semicircle, semiweekly, semiannual

sub (under) subterranean, subtract, subordinate, submarine


Cafeteria am - Breitinger

Auditorium am - Crook

200 Hall am - Cumbie

300 Hall am - Dalton

Warrior Way pm - Cox

Parking pm - Adams

Sweeper pm - Barwinkel

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TWEETER of the Week:

Thank you to Travis Irish for his participation in this week's campus Twitter Chat.

You can join each Tuesday at 8:00pm. Questions can be found in the Digital Learning News sent by Mark Thomas each week.

Questions? See Tosh or Christine. (@birdville_DL)


***Weekly Winners park in Houston's spot until June!***

(Don't forget to send Ms. Houston your Twitter handle when you join.)

Future Dates & Info

Wed, Apr 20 - Report Cards

Wed, Apr 20 - Band UIL-leaving at 10:00 am

Thurs, Apr 21 - Band UIL-leaving at 9:00 am

Sat, Apr 23 - North Tx Teen Book Festival

Sat, Apr 23 - AVID Banquet @HHS 6:00-10:00 pm

Mon, Apr 25 - 8th Gr. AVID TCU trip

Mon, Apr 25 - Choir Bro Night

Mon, Apr 25 - Warrior Night @ Rangers Game

Wed, Apr 27 - LOL Mtg. 7:30 am

Wed, Apr 27 - 8th Gr. BIG Awards Mtg. @ 4:00 rm. 405

Wed, Apr 27 - Administration Professional's Day

Thurs, Apr 28 - Band Beach within Reach Festival

Fri, Apr 29 - Band Beach within Reach Festival

Sat, Apr 30 - Varsity Choir Festival @ Colleyville Heritage HS

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