Visit the city of Greecevania

How the Greeks shape our world today

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This place will teach you about the greeks’ contribution to art and architecture. This museum is the home to many paintings, sculptures, columns, and so much more .
EXPLANATION how the site influences the greeks
A major contribution would be greek columns and sculptures. Rows and rows of numerous pieces of art will teach you more about this ancient civilization. During the Golden Age, art flourished during this time. Take notice of the architecture, columns, and pieces of artwork in the museum. You will see that the Greeks have contributed to almost everything in the museum.
WHY you should visit that site:
You can learn about architecture. The greeks styles are still used all around is today. Their columns are still to be seen all around on buildings.

Franklin Institute


  • At the Franklin institute, you can learn so much about science. It contains numerous exhibits and many other attractions.
The greeks have contributed majorly to science and philosophy. They started a new way of thinking, which was to question. The greeks started to make more discoveries and learned more about the details of out world. Science caused people to look at life from a different perspective. People like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and so many more have such a great impact on our lives. Without science, there would be no purpose in life. The Franklin Institute is a place where you can learn more about science.

a reason why visitors interested in greek contributions would visit that site
If you are interested in science, and love to ask question, visit us! Learn more about how the greeks contributed to science. Take a tour of the Franklin institute and learn more about the importance of science. Try to visit the gift shop.


Visit this wonderful theater where you can watch the Peter and the Starcatcher play. These plays will not give you a chance to be bored. View comedies, tragedies, and so much more! Learn more about how Greeks are the base of theatre.

  • an explanation of how each site shows influence of ancient greece

Without the ancient greeks contribution, there would not have been this form of entertainment. As the creator of the theatre and drama, the greeks have a major impact on us today. They created a new way to express themselves by acting! This taught the greeks lessons and life lessons.

  • a reason why visitors interested in greek contributions would visit that site

Do you enjoy watching plays? The come to Broadway! Along with the chorus, actors, and orchestra, they have stirred up such a wonderful play that you will not be bored. Thank the Greeks for contributing to the world of drama and theatre.