Schumacher Library Think Tank

September 2014

Welcome Back!

We have had a great start to our school year in the library! We have been learning up a storm and using some awesome resources. This newsletter is a great place for us to share everything happening in the library! If you want regular updates about what's happening in the library, be sure to follow @SchumacherLMC on Twitter. You can also follow the hashtag #LSsharks to see all of the amazing things happening at Schumacher!

Book Character Pumpkin Patch is Growing!

Our book character pumpkin patch is coming back!

Work as a family to paint or decorate a pumpkin to look like your favorite book character. (No carving, please!) Drop off your pumpkin in the library October 27 or 28. Pumpkins will be on display until October 31, when all pumpkins must go home! We look forward to seeing your creativity and love of books collide! Check out our video below to see some of last year's pumpkins.


What are we learning K-2?

Kindergarten through Second Grade students have spent first quarter asking LOTS of questions. We are learning how asking the right questions can help us get the right answers. Kindergarteners have been practicing their inquiry skills by learning all about leaves and trees. First graders have been busy learning how to use PebbleGo - our online database made just for kids. Second graders have done a great job of learning all about the resources the library has to find answers to our questions. Check out these great pictures of kids using Call Numbers to find books around the library. This can be really tricky - even for adults. Way to go second grade!

Chromebooks: Taking the Library to the Next Level

3rd-5th grade students have had a busy start to the year! Our Chromebooks have so much to offer students and we have been busy exploring all of the resources that are now at students' fingertips! Some of our best work has been exploring our online collection of ebooks and online databases. Schumacher subscribes to both Encyclopedia Britannica and ImageQuest. Britannica is a fabulous online resource for students who have questions and want answers! ImageQuest is a database full of safe, rights-cleared images when our students need pictures for their school work. Both sites are accessible from home and school. Just be sure you use the "Home Access" link on the Online Resources page of the Schumacher LMC website. It will give you all of the usernames and passwords you need to access our databases!

Readers Award Incentives!

Just a reminder - 3rd-5th grade students have the option of participating in our Readers Award programs. Third Grade students participate in the KC3 Reading Challenge while fourth and fifth grade students participate in the Mark Twain Reading Challenge. If any student can read 4 of the Mark Twain or KC3 titles before October 17, they will be invited to our Milk and Cookie Reading Celebration! Be sure to take the online quizzes as proof of your reading!