Ethan Allen


Family life

Ethan Allen was born in Litchfield CT on 21,1738

Allen dad died when Ethan was young. Ethan is America born.Allen parent were peroration settler.

Famous for

Allen was the leader of the green mountain boys. Ethan lead 130 men in the war.Allen was an america revolutionary war hero.Ethan planed a successful surprise attack.

3 important fact

  1. Ethan lead the green mountain boy that was lead by Benedict Darnell but with Allen charges force him to lead.
  2. Allen was a revolutionary war hero
  3. He done a get surprise attack

Role in revolution

Allen served as a solider in the millatary

Life after the revoltion

Allen died 6 year after full peace was given to the world.

people question Allen role in the war.

Ethan died in 1789.