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April 4, 2014

Get More From Google

Tips sheets, step by step directions & more!

Confused about Google calendar? Want to get more from your email? Well look no further than Google Help.

Google Help is designed to support users and help them get the most out of Google's many products with detailed step by step directions and tip sheets.

You can browse the various help topics by clicking the link to Google Help or peruse the list of links below to find support for several of the applications we use here at school.

View & organize your inbox -- Overloaded on email? Learn how to organize your email so that you can easily find messages, prioritize subjects, and tidy up your inbox.

Google Calendar Help Center -- Need to book a computer lab or COW but reserving these resources seems confusing? Use the Google Calendar Help Center to find some peace of mind and useful tip sheets on creating, editing, and sharing Google Calendar events.

Google Drive Help Center -- Google Drive (formally Google Docs) is a great resource for organizing, sharing, and creating documents including spreadsheets, presentations and forms.

Media Center Resources

Below are links to the Media Center resources.

Please disregard any email you receive from an event you create on any of the Media Center resource calendar saying that your event was declined.

How can we help you?

Amy E. Slade, MLIS

Mary Ann Smiley