Trudeau apperance on attack ad

By: Balreen Gill 805

Tories attack Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau did not even get a break after a victory of being a Liberal Leader won more than 80% of the votes. On April 15th 2013, the Tories opposition party of the Liberal party released an attack ad on Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.This was Justin Trudeau's first day of being a liberal leader the Tories did not even give him a break but released an attack ad. What the Tories did was got that video of Justin Trudeau striding back and forth in his sleeveless undershirt and added subtitles and negative comments to diminish Liberal votes, Tories Interspersed through footage of the shirtless Trudeau, his hair long and flowing then, are clips of him suggesting that Quebec ought to become a country, or that Quebecers are simply better than everyone else, or that the word "barbaric" is inappropriate to describe violence against women it ends with a slow motion sequence of Trudeau sighing and tossing his head, and then an animated signature of his name appears. This attack ad was meaningless. The attack ad was based on Justin Trudeau at a gala for the Canadian Liver Foundation in 2011 called "What a Girl Wants" taking off his shirt and striding back in forth in a sleeveless undershirt, Trudeau did this for a liver foundation to raise $1,900 for the Canadian Liver Foundation. Trudeau said "if he has to do this again for a liver foundation to raise money he will because this attack ad was un acceptable.
Justin Trudeau — Judgement — He's in way over his head.
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Justin Trudeau Liberal leader

Justin Trudeau's apperance on Tories attack ad

The reporters interviewed Justin he told reporters that people across the country have told him they're sick of the Conservatives' "bullying and negativism" and that he intends to continue with what he calls his positive message. Since Trudeau was 4 or 5 years old, he's had a microphone stuck in his face, and he's sure the Conservatives will pick through what he's said over the years which means the conservative pick every small bits of what they see negative in their point of view but yet they don't realize there negative points but pick on others this is a view of bullying in politics.
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper conservative

Trudeau's response

Trudeau was interviewed with CBC of how it feels to be attacked with these meaningless ads this wasn't the first time Trudeau was attacked with an ad by the Tories. Trudeau said: "I've had people do that to me all my life. People, all my life, conclude things about me based on perception, based on prejudice, based on expectations that have nothing to do with reality." Trudeau did that same kind of performance in 2010 for a charity and Laureen Harper wife of Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended that event the Minister of labour was also at that event. The minister of labour told reporters that on Monday while she supported the event that Justin Trudeau showed lack of judgement.