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Do you use "clickers" (aka cell phones or chromebooks) to poll your students? It's a great way to do quick checks for understanding, to help you guide your lesson. Poll Everywhere, a tool where students can text in their responses, now integrates within Google Slides. So while you are presenting your material, you can have a poll embedded in the slides. There is no need to leave the slideshow! Click here for information.
Gathering audience feedback directly from Google Slides

Upcoming Professional Development

  • SUHSD Digital Educator Certification - Application due 12/9/15: The SUHSD Digital Educator program is an eight (8) module Professional Development opportunity. During each module participants will learn about digital tools and how to meaningfully infuse the tools into existing curriculum, create lesson plans that incorporate the use of the tools to transform learning, and submit samples of student work. At the conclusion of this experience, participants will gain a deeper understanding of enhancing the learning experience for students when using instructional technology. Click here for more info and to apply. Applications are due Dec. 9.

  • EdCamp San Jose: EdCamps are free, participant driven, collaborative, "un-conferences". There are no vendors, no premade presentations, just educators getting together to discuss and share ideas on topics they choose that morning. It is a growing type of professional development, and is a great way to learn and share with other local educators. Saturday, 4/23/16, Union Middle School, San Jose. Sign up here.

Looking for "Lesson Crasher Contestants"

If you would like to work on a lesson or activity with me, to find ways to transform student learning using technology, please book an instructional technology appointment. I can help you find the best tools to use to meet your lesson objectives. Here's a sneak preview of an upcoming "Lesson Crasher's episode": ELD students creating interactive timelines after reading biographies.

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