Exploring Explorers

Alisa Olive 3C

Jean Reibault a vary nice person

Reibault was from France he came to SC to find new land.He built Charlesfort . He led a group of 150 men, on two ships. He did not have a successful settlement.

Hernado De Soto a vary mean explorer

De Soto is from Spain he was vary greedy, he stole the lady of Cofitachi, to show him the way to the new world.De Soto looked for gold and slaves in Florida.He travled all over the southern to find again gold and slaves.
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Jaun Pardo

He was from Spain. Spain did not like the idea of French claming land so he sent men to it check out Charles fort. He burnt Charles fort and built Saint Helena over the top of it. He did not have a successful settlement.
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William Hilton

He was from England