About the game and how to make it beater.

The game and the way to make it beater

minecraft is a game you can creat anything you need to survive the night. The first thing you need is to get wood then use the wood to make wooden planks then a crafting table this block alous you to creat stuff with 5 more slots one thing you need to craft first is some wooden tools and sword. Next you need to build a house to live in I sudgest building you're home nier a cave so you can mine stone and coul ore and iron ore but you need a stone picaxe to mine iron ore there are other ores in this game like gold ore, redstone ore, lapize lazulie ore, diamond ore, and the hardest one to find is emrald ore you can only find them with one of them emralds are used to traed with NPC's also none as villigers if you're wondering what i ment by survive the night there are monsters at night that's the most inportent reson to get diamonds and craft a diamond sword it's the strongest sword in the game there are 2. Boss bosses in this game the number 1 is the enderdragon you find him in the ender, boss number 2 is the wither you can't find him you need to creat him with 4 soulsand and 3 wither skeleton skulls you get the skulls by taking down wither skeletons when you baet the wither you get something called the nether star when you baet the enderdragon you get a lot of expireons and a portal out of the ender and in to where you went in the ender and the way in is in a strucher called a strongholed it's hard to find the portal that plays is big. The way to make the game beater is to load mods in to the game, some mods make you abol to get more echevments some don't, some also help you with the story of the game. You can also make you're oun server in the game this is a graet way to meet other people that play the game. I hope you like this and gave you the idea to get the game you're selves well go a head have fun when you play MINECRAFT.