How to Dress for a Job Interview

By Benton Ferron

Interview Tips

1. Get a well nights rest

2. Dress approably for the job you are interviewing for

3. Clean up your social media such a facebook and Twiter

4. Find out where you are going, Where the company is, and don't be late

5. Practice for the interview

Most important Tip

When you arrive early for the interview, take a few minutes to relax and be prepared for interview.


As reguards of what to wear to the interview. These question will tell what to wear and not to wear.

If you appled for a office job, what should you wear for a interview? The answer should be that you wear a suit not beach clothes and jeans with a plated shirt.(For women a Dress should be worn) for other jobs such a lifeguard, suits and dresses should not be worn.