By: Luke and Brody

What are Centaurs and how were they created?

  • Centaurs are part human and part horse
  • There are many different stories of how centaurs were created. One of them states that centaurs were descended from Centaurus, a son of Apollo.
  • A more popular version of how they were created is that they were descendants of Ixion, the son of Ares and king of the Lapins, people who lived in Thessaly ("Mythweb").
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What do Centaurs do and why are they important?

  • Centaurs were pretty evil characters as they went around drunk, eating raw flesh, trampling crops and raping female humans.
  • Centaurs hated humans and often fought them.
  • Centaurs were often sent out by Zeus to punish Gods and humans that offended him
  • "Centaurs represent evil, adultery, violent lust, adultery, brutality, vengefulness and the devil" ("Monstrous").

Nesus and Deianeira

Centaurs had bad reputations and are mostly famous for their bad actions towards women and people. One story is about a centaur named Nesus who tried to rape Hercules wife, Deianeira. However she managed to kill the centaur ("Greek Myths").

Cheiron and Pholos

These two centaurs were different then the rest and were not evil. Cheiron was mostly known for tutoring Apollo but he also was a scholar in school. Pholos invited Hercules for dinner (Greek Myths").