The Gun

By: Eduarda Matias

Plot Summary

Tyray was one of the most feared students in his high school. But it all changed when Darrell humiliated him in front of every one. Now Tyray wants revenge. With a troubled family, a broken hand, no friends, and with everyone bullying him, his options are limited. There is only way he feels he can get revenge. That is with a gun.

Character Analysis

Tyray Hobbs is physically fit and emotionally confused. His father beats him and kids at school bullies him when he loses his reputation.

Author Biography

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia 1972. In 1991 he attended at Camden County College and later transferred to La Salle University, where he studied creative writing. He found to courage to write when he was a prison tutor in Kenya. He recently completed a master's degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania.