Effects of The Bangladesh War

By. Jasmine Rodriguez

The Bangladesh War of 1971

The Bagngladesh War of Independence was the battle between the East and West sides of Pakistan which ultimately resulted in the birth of the fairly new country, Bangladesh. This war was caused by multiple issues with the two sides of the, at one time, united nation. There was issues with the exports made in East Pakistan. The east made 70% of the exports but received only 25% of the money imported. The foreign trade policy was biased in favor of West Pakistani interests. The allocated and distributed resources in favor of West Pakistan. There were countless issues regarding the two sides of the country that eventually caused the huge war.

How did the war affect people?


After Pakistan was defeated, thousands of Pakistani soldiers were teen prisoner for mass murder, rape, and torture. People in modern-day Pakistan, mostly children and teenagers, are now led to think that the Pakistani army did really nothing wrong in the events of 1971. According to the article "Scars of Bangladesh Independence War 40 Years On", teenagers who were asked if they heard of the wrong the soldiers of Pakistan did responded with "The Pakistani army is a professional army. They are Muslims. They couldn't have done that to their brothers and sisters over there.". While that is the mentality of people in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, people are still focused on the voilence and torture that took place during this war. People were taken out of their homes and left on the streets. Many were killed for no reason. Before any of this happened, the people in what is now Bangladesh were already very upset about the discrimination against economics and language they took from the West side of Pakistan. People were left with nothing after the war and basically had to restart their lives from scratch.