Educational Technology Update


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Meet Carlos Dubon

Carlos is a computer technician from 3nom here to help you with your technical needs. You may want to reach out to him when you are having trouble logging in, connecting to wifi, your SMARTBoard isn't working or other issues like that. Carlos can be reached by email at

You can use Google Hangouts to reach Carlos by using his 3nom address. (you may be prompted to invite him and then he will accept your invitation).

Welcome Carlos when you see him in the halls and help him learn his way around, he is willing and able to help!

A Word About Copying

Beginning tomorrow when you send a copy job to Shevy she will reply when she has completed the job. Stay tuned - we are putting in place a much more efficient flow for copying that includes ticket numbering and notification shortly.

Continue to keep Lisa or Shevy posted when you need help with copying.

Microsoft Office for $9.95?

Yup. Part of the value of The Moriah School special Micorosft Work at Home License is that you (faculty & staff of Moriah - not transferable to family members) can purchase MS Office, Windows 10 and other MS products for $9.95, There are other amazing savings, too.