save the earth for the bunnies

by the secret bunny

save the earth..........for the bunnies of corse!!!

save the earth we love the earth we just love love love it!! so recycle for the adorable bunnies not for you not for me but for the bunnies for the cute fluffy awsome cute bunnies ONLY

share the earth

Ya see that we need to SHARE life with earth sharing ever heard of it ring a bell or anything? no didnt think so well sharing life is well we need to take care of each other how would you feel if earth ripped off your skin not good well thats what earth feels when you rip off bark from a tree now thats just plain cruel!Hmm how would you feel if the earth dumped trash on you i would feel dirty but thats not an answer the earth feels sad when you litter so dont even THINK about littering hope this little text brought out the best of you now go pick up some guys trash!!


See what you can reduce reuse recycle!!!! You can make a TON of amazing stuff with trash but dont tell your guests that the bunny craft is garabage they might HOP out on you!!

hoppy ending

every bunny tail has a happy ending why cant the earth? So lets hop to it!!

about the bunny

he was just a noramal bunny with a dream and that dream came true (his dream was becoming a reporter)