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October 17th, 2021

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Cup of Joe

A Cup of Joe October 18, 2021 with Dr. Joe DiPonio, Superintendent of Lake Shore Public School

Newsletter Overview

Within this Shorian Nation newsletter, you will hear a video message from Superintendent Dr. DiPonio, stayed informed about upcoming events, review our Positivity Project character focus strengths, and read stories that feature inspiration, innovation, and celebration.

Fall Music Festival presented by Lake Shore Public Schools is inviting our community on Saturday, October 23rd from 12:30pm-4:00pm to an afternoon filled with music, food, and fun. Admission is FREE, but monetary donations will be accepted.

Guests arriving from 1:00pm-3:30pm will enjoy a collection of music from our Bands and Choirs at all levels including the Lake Shore High School Marching Band and Choir, Kennedy Middle School Jazz Band and Choir led by Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Elkins and Mr. Bays and Mrs. Perryman, and elementary singers led by Choir Directors Mrs. Wischmeyer and Mrs. Rueger-West.

Save room for lunch as Full Rack BBQ, Go Cheez, and Rachel's Cochina will be joining us for a Food Truck Rally. These food vendors will be offering up mouthwatering fare.

Stop by our Track or Treat to give the kids their candy fix dessert from our National Honors Society students.

Guests will also enjoy family-friendly, action-packed entertainment that will include a petting zoo and pony rides, inflatables, pumpkin painting, and DJ.

We are excited about an event that consists of meeting new people, live music, trying new cuisines, and entertainment. Most importantly, we love supporting our students while we showcase the district's talented musicians in field performances.

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Upcoming Events

3rd annual Seasonal Cleanup

The Shorian Nation, armed with rakes and collection bags, continues to remind our community why it is important to give back with its 3rd annual Season Cleanup which takes place the week of October 25th-29th.

If you are a senior citizen or know of anyone who could benefit from our services, please call (586) 285-8483 or schedule online. #myLSPSCares

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LSPS Fall Season Clean Up Is Coming - Week of October 25, 2021

Lunch with a Hero

Lake Shore Public Schools would like to honor and remember all those who have served in the United States Armed Forces by inviting you or someone you know to join our students at lunch as a pre-Veterans Day celebration. We challenge you to make Monday, November 8th extra special for our students by volunteering your time to have lunch between the hours of 10:30-1:30 on us!

If interested, please call (586) 285-8483, reference Lunch with a Hero, and we will setup a time and building for you to visit or you may use this link to sign up.

In 2019, Veterans joined our students at lunch on Veterans Day. We continue to appreciate Mr. Anderson, Mr. Huyghe, Mr. Smith, Ms. Cook, Ms. McPeak, and Mr. Trail for making that day extra special for our students.

Positivity Project

Under the guiding principles of our districtwide initiative, the Positivity Project, the #PositivityInAction mindset is our top priority. These past two weeks we focused on the character strengths of OPM - Being present and giving others my attention and INTEGRITY.

People with the character strength of being present like to fully enjoy the moment that their in. It is in the moment when they are calm on what they're doing without thinking about anything else.

Ms. Tims was a legend. She was always present for others.

In this article, written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman and Lake Shore High School graduate, Suydam thanks Ms. Tims for her impact.

In the effort to celebrate Ms. Tims' life, an incredible teacher with 21 years of service to Lake Shore Public Schools, we are asking our Shorian Nation to submit a piece of artwork that was created in her class, through her direct instruction or recreate a piece of artwork that is indicative of the kind of person she was to Please include your child's name, grade, and title of art piece.

Read about Ms. Tims' passing here. Because of her impact, a total of $7,900 was collected for the Emily Tims Memorial Fund of which the LSFT contributed $1,700.

People with the character strength of integrity are honest and speak the truth. They present themselves genuinely and sincerely.

Located inside Lake Shore High School, the Shorian Shop features popular clothing merchandise, tasty treats, and Lake Shore trinkets. Our school store offers the chance to teach upperclassmen real-world skills like marketing and sales, accounting, and employability skills that will last a lifetime.

With that responsibility comes student employee integrity. Examples include showing up to their store position on time, ready to do work, managing the cash register accurately, and taking responsibility for their own actions.

Sometimes people come with attractive offers of pleasures and entertainment and forms of life that are unhealthy and evil. And if we are going to succeed in life, we’ve got to learn early in life to say “No.” “No, I won’t.” “No, my standards don’t permit me.”

Student customers with integrity also behave ethically and do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Informing a cashier that they gave you too much change is one way of showing integrity at the Shorian Shop.

The Shorian Shop is open on weekdays, with the exception of Wednesdays, from 11:13-12:55pm inside Lake Shore High School.

Thank you store managers John Bohl, Nina Harkonen, and Nevaeh Kempinski and 14 students in the Marketing and Sales class who provide this service to our school.

Looking forward, our upcoming character strengths are FORGIVENESS (10/17-10/23) and CREATIVITY (10/24-10/30).


World Mental Health Day

Students, teachers, staff, and alumni are invited to write how they take care of their mental health on a flag, which will become part of a Lake Shore Public Schools display.

Flags are located inside the social work offices of each building and can be returned in this same location. Flags are available for pick up on Tuesday, October 12th and returned by the end of the month as a way to post-recognize World Mental Health Day based on these facts:

-1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness

-17% of youth, ages 6-17, experience mental illness

-11 years is the average delay between symptom onset and treatment

Thank you, Mrs. Taormina's Health classes at Lake Shore High School, for giving us examples of how we can boost our mental health. We also appreciate Mrs. Ventimiglia's class for modeling some of these examples for our Shorian Nation! #TeachTuesday

Bonus: Our Varsity Football team recently volunteered to assist with seasonal cleanup in the local community; Their efforts is a perfect example of how you can take care of your own mental health by paying it forward.

Mrs. Gough's Classroom

Today's classrooms are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our learners. Our teachers continue to ensure that these hang out spots are welcoming and brain friendly for all who enter.

Welcome to Mrs. Gough's classroom.

As you enter, over 200 books are placed orderly on shelves. This is to promote reading for enjoyment. Mrs. Gough models reading as she has read every single book inside her classroom and encourages even the reluctant readings to participate in her 40 Book Challenge. Former student Alaina loves reading, too, so this shared passion is what initially connected her to this teacher. However, she enjoyed so much more like Push for Poms, a way to encourage students to follow classroom expectations.

Former student Abigale was excited to show us the flexible seating options which included, rolling chairs, high top desks, and sofas. She pointed out that these options can sometimes feel like an escape to Paris and the pops of color give her classroom an oasis. There are also many positive signs on the walls as a way to reinforce happiness. Since Mrs. Gough is a big fan of elephants, these giant mammals appear in droves across the room.

Finally, former student Meredith finds organization to be her secret to calm. She appreciates that Mrs. Gough updates a traditional, whiteboard agenda as well as a digital agenda located on Schoology. She also notices how clean her teacher's desk is, with every marker and material having its own spot.

Thank you, Abbey Gough and student tour guides Meredith Green, Alaina Handy, and Abigale Smith, for sharing your 7th grade ELA classroom at Kennedy Middle School with all of us!


Walk to School Day

We are falling into fitness by celebrating Walk to School Day (W2SD)!

W2SD is an international event celebrated each year in October. This annual event began in 1997 by the Partnership for a Walkable America, to encourage walkable communities and has grown to an international event that takes place in over 40 countries worldwide.

In Michigan, over 90,000 students across 304 schools participated in W2SD events at their local schools last year. Walk to School Day encourages healthy habits, heightens awareness of traffic safety, draws attention to environmental concerns around schools, and is a great way to build local momentum for a Safe Routes to School initiative.

Masonic Heights Elementary students participated in the National Walk to School Day by walking through Tangletown to school. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. The goal of this day is to raise awareness and support for the health, community and environmental benefits of regularly walking or biking to school.

Thank you, Saint Clair Shores Police and Fire Departments, for your presence at this event. We also appreciate several members of our Lake Shore High School Marching Band for leading the way!

Bonus: Mr. Pellerito's Summer enrichment program featuring hikes and bikes was a great way to pre-celebrate this day!

Lake Shore Public School - Masonic Elementary Walk to School Day

Mechanical Engineering Mousetrap Cars

Students in Mechanical Engineering, taught by Mrs. Todaro, created and assembled their own Mousetrap cars. These ten Shorians at Lake Shore High School have a time limit of 1 week to craft their cars so that they were designed well and fully functional.

The main two components of these cars are a single Mousetrap and wheels of a medium. These cars moved when the Mousetrap attached to the top was set off, which then it must travel 30 tiles (30 feet) by the assistance of the chosen wheels.

Trial and error is an important part of this project. Junior Ryan Peters experienced this key concept when deciding what materials to use for their wheels. They used plastic wheels at first, but then came to the realization CDs worked best.

This was both a fun experience for our students, but also one full of lessons. It showed trial and error, perseverance, and the joy of engineering. Congratulations to Andrew Sweeney whose car traveled 59 feet!


We Heart Mrs. Pillars

Lake Shore is recognizing current and former 100.3 WNIC's Teachers of the Week.

Congratulations to Mrs. Pillars at Rodgers Elementary for being selected as Jay Towers’ Teacher of the Week! This beloved Kindergarten teacher was awarded a gift card and a plaque by Promotions Coordinator Adam Fandimo from I Heart Radio.

Former teacher Mrs. Hayden at Violet Elementary and current teachers Mrs. Brown, Mrs. DiCosmo, and Mrs. Sheats at Rodgers Elementary have also received this award!

Marching Shorians Receive Division II Rating

Our 55 Marching Shorians received a Division II performance rating at the MSBOA District 16 Marching Band Festival on Tuesday, October 12th.

MSBOA Marching Bands performed a show at Anchor Bay High School and were judged in three categories: Music, Marching and General Effect. Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association has specific criteria and rubrics for the adjudication. Congratulations Lake Shore Band for earning 1 A- grade, 5 B+ grades, and 3 B grades.

Principal's Month

Governor Whitmer issued a proclamation declaring October as Principal's Month in Michigan. Our building principals are servant leaders responsible for managing the major administrative tasks and supervising all students and teachers.

Please join us in recognizing Dr. Janelle Bross representing Lake Shore High School, Dr. Jeff Lip representing North Lake High School, Chad Johnson representing Kennedy Middle School, Matt Barranca representing Masonic Heights Elementary, Dr. Lynn Bradley representing Rodgers Elementary, and Joan Grassi representing Violet Elementary.

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Congratulations to Blaire Hinkle and Xzorion Simmons for being named our Athletes of the Week!

Senior Blaire will be a 3 year letter winner in swim, is a leader on the team, and has improved her times in the distance events dramatically! She plans to study aerospace engineering after HS and currently carries a 3.7 overall GPA!

Senior Xzorion led our Varsity Football team to a W on Friday, October 8th with 126 yards rushing and 2 TDs while also making 19 tackles! He is a 3 year VFB player and a leader in the school! He plans to play college football next year.

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Lake Shore Public Schools will provide an exceptional education for all 3,327 students in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our guiding principles, Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration, are woven into the fabric of everything we do and will be the focus of every update. Expect an eNews email biweekly update as a reliable way to communicate with our stakeholders.