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Can you believe we are already nearing the end of the school year?! We have officially entered quarter four, our final quarter of the year! It's time to step into high gear and finish out this school year strong. It has definitely been a challenging year with COVID around every turn, but we have PERSEVERED and continue to look forward towards a brighter future!

With testing upon us this quarter, we just wanted to give a few final updates and information to get you all through the remainder of the year. Here's to a HOWLING good final quarter, Coyotes!

Keep up the amazing work, and as always...don't forget your


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Need to chat with your school counselor? Fill out the request form for your grade level counselor below:

Students ON CAMPUS can fill out a paper version of this form found outside of each grade level counselor's office!


This year has been unlike any other and has effected all of us, especially our youth. May is mental health awareness month, a time to focus on creating and maintaining a healthy mind. There's no better time than testing season to make sure that our students have a healthy mind! Our students will be learning some important skills during our time at school this month in recognition of and to bring awareness to mental health month. There are some wonderful resources here for those that would like to explore further as well:


The Take Stock Application is now live at or through 11:59 pm on April 15, 2021.

This is a scholarship for 8th grade students who may not be able to afford college but have the grades and desire to go.

Eligibility requirements are located on the scholarship websites above. This has also been posted on our Howler Hub, Instagram (@ccmscoyotes) and Facebook page.


Required Vaccine

The Florida Department of Health requires all incoming 7th graders to have the Tdap immunization. Documentation of the Tdap vaccine is required BEFORE your child starts the 7th grade. Please make sure this is provided to CCMS on or before registration day in August!

2021 Registration and Course Cards

Please visit our school website to complete registration and course cards:

Attention 8th Grade Families!

We are putting together the 8th grade video for the end of year celebration and we would love for our families to share pictures of our 8th grade students. If you have pictures to share that highlight your student, please share them by emailing Assistant Principal, Meighan Melsheimer, Our video will be shared on our school YouTube channel on Friday, May 21st.


As mentioned earlier, articulation, or moving up to the next grade level, is seriously RIGHT around the corner! Here are just a few ideas, especially for you 8th graders as you prepare to jump into the high school world!


1. Get involved over the summer

It’s far easier to feel comfortable with where you’re going if you have an idea of what it will be like when you get there. A great way to meet future teachers, coaches and classmates is to plug into high school over summer vacation. For example, most sports teams workout together over the summer and that is a great time to build relationships on the team while getting stronger. Volunteering with clubs and classmates over the summer is also a great way to knock out some service hours for your freshmen year!

2. Take a Summer Course or Program

Keeping busy in an area of study, athletic program, or extracurricular interests is a great way to spend the summer, building up your unique skills and passions. This can help you clarify what you want to focus on more as you go through high school and into college, or at least narrow down your options and reveal the areas you really don’t have a big heart or head for. Doing this may also help you cross paths with future classmates or stay in touch with old 8th-grade friends.

3. Revisit Weak Study Areas

Don’t check your brain out for summer vacation! Keeping mentally engaged throughout the whole year is a big step toward succeeding in high school and beyond. You likely know which areas of study you struggle in; using summer break as a way to shore up on those topics can help prepare you for tackling high school curriculum without feeling like you’re constantly lagging behind.

4. Volunteer in the Community

A high school is a big part of the local community, involving faculty, students, and families on an integral level. One way to feel better connected to a high school is to get to know the community surrounding it via volunteer work. See what charities or nonprofit organizations the school is already involved with or supporting and find time to donate a few hours or days during your summer break to help them out as well. You might find a cause you’re passionate about that you can champion during your high school years, or at least feel more grounded in the values and philosophies your high school embodies.

5. Get Used to the New Routine

After you’ve toured the high school, take a few days to map out the best routes to it and figure out your new morning and afternoon routine coming to and from it. Taking the bus? Check out the nearest stops and time yourself going to and from them on different days. This will help ease some of the mental tension of getting used to a new schedule and logistical pattern and make the routine more comfortable on Day 1.

6. Preview the High School Curriculum

Most high schools make their curriculum previews readily available to incoming students. Check out the textbooks you’ll be using in class and maybe do a little advance reading to get a sense of your upcoming studies. If there are areas that you know you’ll have a harder time grasping the concepts, a bit of pre-class studying can give you an advantage (see the previous suggestion of focusing on weaker topics).

What are you planning to do with your final summer before high school begins? Where will you invest your time and find ways to grow even while on vacation?

We're excited for your future!

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