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Monday, February 8, 2016

Quote of the Week:

"Having a teacher at every door is like having a state trooper at every mile marker on I-35. It changes behavior." Justin Walker. [Spring gets rowdy...we need you at your doors during passing periods!]

There is a PLC meeting this week! Please report to the conference room!!

Dr. Lofton will be leading the meetings that are during the morning instructional time (since Scottie is teaching).

B Day groups:

7:30 - 8:10am Math

8:15 - 9:00am Science team and Holt

9:30 - 10:15 - Grant, Vaughn, McCollum and Kassell

11:30am - 12:15pm Garcia, Hunter

1:05 - 1:50pm Johnson/Timms

1:50 - 2:35pm Smith, Walker, and Hendrix (SpEd)

3:30 - 4:10pm LOTE

Thursday, February 11 - B-Day groups -Curriculum meeting

"Having a teacher at every door is like having a state trooper at every mile marker on I-35. It changes behavior." Justin Walker. Spring gets rowdy...we need you at your doors during passing periods!

Faculty Meeting this Wednesday!

We have a speaker, so please be prompt. She is bringing snacks! WooHoo!

Adrienne Johnson (Brandon and Cade's mom) will be presenting on a grant opportunity through State Farm.

And then...your CIP teams will be meeting to complete the February formative assessment to see how we are doing at implementing the strategies on your plan. You will also need to start formalizing your plans for next year's CIP. Remember, a rep from your team will be presenting your proposed changes to the Campus Education Improvement Committee in either March or April:

Thursday, March 10, 3:30, Art Room: Family and Community (Team Slaughter); Staff Quality, Recruitment and Retention (Team Ludlum); Learning Environment (Team PBIS); Planning and Decision Making (Team Larkin)

Thursday, April 14, 3:30, Art Room: Curriculum and Instruction (Team Johnson); Student Achievement (Team Statham); College and Career Readiness (Team J. Walker)

A Word From the Tech Department:

Please use the tech request form when you have a tech problem - it is the fastest way to get help! If you have something that needs to be set up, please give them at least a week turnaround time to get that done.


Please do not just send students down to the MAC to get their iPad problems resolved. Please email and they will come see the student in your room. We are having issues with students meandering outside the MAC waiting and waiting and waiting...

Be sure to post all of your assignments to Canvas and FOR ALL CLASSES. Even if you aren't having them submit in online, the assignment 'shell' needs to be posted to Canvas. If you need help, please contact Randy. Randy and I will be doing a Canvas assignment audit at the end of this first 3 weeks!

Grades MUST be updated weekly!

This is in your employee handbook and our grading guidelines. It is super frustrating for a parent to get notices for failing work that is 2 weeks old. Please make sure you update them each week. Thanks!

Students/Teacher of the Month:

Freshman - Sarah Welch and David Correa
Sophomore - Sofia Heggem and Blake Carr
Junior - Jae Morquecho and Tommy Powers
Senior - Jackie Martinez and Andrew Welch

Teacher of the Month - Steve Searle

Congrats! Lunch off campus next week...details to come!

Staff and student holiday this Monday, February 15!

Spring Curriculum Night!

Spring Curriculum Night is planned for next month. We will plan it around when course selection cards go out and students/parents will be invited to come up to the school to hear about what courses we are offering next year, weighted credits, AP course requirements, etc. Then parents and students will have the chance to walk around to classrooms to learn more about the specific courses we are offering next year. This will be your chance to show examples of projects from the classes you teach, talk about any specific requirements for the classes, etc. More specifics later when we finalize the date. Spring curriculum night will probably be in March.

College/Career Day:

Happy Friday, LVHS!

We are thrilled to share some great news with you...we are hosting the Lago Vista College & Career Fair on March 24th at LVHS! Students will have the opportunity to visit the fair on a schedule during 6th period that day. Your campus leaders will share more specific details about the schedule prior to the event.

That being said, we want to get the word out because this is really exciting....students will get to explore a variety of career options by talking to real industry representatives AND speak to colleges and training programs at the same time!

This student exploration event is co-sponsored by the Lago Vista and Jonestown Chamber of Commerce. I want to extend a special thank you to Cindy Slaughter, Justin Walker, and Anita Jiles (Chamber of Commerce) for their help in organizing the fair.

Please see the attached flyer for details to share with your students. As you saw in the LVHS newsletter, if you have any connections in the community to business/industry leaders who might be willing to share their experiences with students, please let Mr. Walker know.

As always, your hard work and support are greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you at the College & Career Fair!

Stuff I leave in here for reference (nothing new, because hopefully you already read it, so just scan):

RtI Strategy - Assigning detention to students not on task/not completing work.

One of the strategies we have added for some students is some accountability for them to stay focused and productive in class. If you happen to receive an RtI plan that has this strategy listed, you should give the student an opportunity to correct the behavior, then a final reminder "If I have to ask you to get going again, you will need to go to d-hall to finish this work." And then if they are STILL not working, then you should tell them that you are assigning them a d-hall. They will NOT be called into the office later about this, but you will need to email Gloria Price, Justin Walker, and Heather Stoner so that they can be added to the list.

This only applies to students who are in the RtI process and this has been a strategy agreed upon in the RtI meeting.

Make sure you are reading these plans as they are sent to you so you are in the loop!! Thanks!

Duty Schedule this Nine Weeks:

January 5 - January 29

Morning After School

Main Hallway - D. Smith Main Hallway - S. Garcia

Cafeteria - Grant Student Pickup - Larkin

Student Drop Off - Statham Grassy Knoll - Searle

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Howard, Pruitt

February 2 - February 26

Morning After School

Main Hallway – H. Stachowski Main Hallway - Ludlum

Cafeteria - Herrera Student Pickup - Saarinen

Student Drop Off - Baugh Grassy Knoll - Vaughn

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Mumme, Larkin

February 29 – April 1

Morning After School

Main Hallway – H. Stachowski Main Hallway - Stahl

Cafeteria - S. Johnson Student Pickup - Mumme

Student Drop Off - Duong Grassy Knoll - Hunter

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: B. Holt, Baugh

April 4 - April 29

Morning After School

Main Hallway - B. Holt Main Hallway - Chapman

Cafeteria - Kassell Student Pickup - Howard

Student Drop Off – K. Timms Grassy Knoll - Pruitt

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski Bus Pick up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Hansen, Stahl

May 2 - May 27

Morning After School

Main Hallway - J. Timms Main Hallway - Standiford

Cafeteria – Bookout Student Pickup - Hansen

Student Drop Off - Kirchhoff Grassy Knoll – K. Walker

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski Bus Pick Up- H. Stachowski

Backups: S. Garcia, D. Smith

May 30 – June 2


Morning After School

Main Hallway/Bus Drop Off - Math Dept Main Hallway/Bus Pick Up - Social Studies

Cafeteria - English Dept Student Pick Up/Parking Lot - Electives/CTE

Student Drop Off/Parking Lot - Science Grassy Knoll/Bus Pick Up - Special Ed/LOTE

* Be prepared. If you cannot attend your duty, contact a back up person to cover your duty. If you do not get your duty covered, assume students will be unattended and unsafe in your area.

** Be prompt. Morning duty begins at 7:40 am and ends at 8:10 am.

PLC Schedule for this spring:

A day groups:

7:30 - 8:10 - ELA team and Hansen

8:15 - 9:00am None

9:10 - 9:55am None

11:30am - 12:15pm None

1:05 - 1:50pm Standiford/Bookout/Larkin

B Day groups:

7:30 - 8:10am Math

8:15 - 9:00am Science team and Holt

9:30 - 10:15 - Grant, Vaughn, McCollum and Kassell

11:30am - 12:15pm Garcia, Hunter

1:05 - 1:50pm Johnson/Timms

1:50 - 2:35pm Smith, Walker, and Hendrix (SpEd)

3:30 - 4:10pm LOTE

Thursday, January 28 - A-Day groups -Curriculum meeting (review updates to first semester plans)

Thursday, February 11 - B-Day groups -Curriculum meeting

Thursday, February 25 - A-Day groups - Instructional Tech meeting (use walkthrough data to drive topics)

Thursday, March 3 - B-Day groups - Instructional Tech meeting

Thursday, March 24 - B-Day groups - assessment review meeting (review 3rd nine weeks tests data)

Friday, April 1 - A-Day groups - assessment review meeting

Thursday, April 7 - A-Day groups - curriculum meeting

Thursday, April 14 - B-Day groups - curriculum meeting

Thursday, April 28 - A-Day groups - Instructional Technology meeting

Thursday, May 5 - B-Day groups - Instructional Technology meeting

Wednesday, May 25 and Thursday, May 26 - Curriculum Meetings


If a student comes to class ABSENT to first period (arriving after 8:20), they should get a pass from the office so that we can have record of what time they actually arrived at school. If they are just tardy, they do not need a pass, just PLEASE mark them absent.

Semester Exam Exemptions ARE BACK!!

Juniors and Seniors at Lago Vista High School with no outstanding fines or monetary obligations may be exempt from a final (second semester ONLY) exam if they meet the following criteria and follow the guidelines as written below:

Attendance Criteria

Perfect Attendance during the second semester in ALL YOUR CLASSES: EXEMPT 3 FINALS.

NO MORE THAN 1 DAY ABSENT TOTAL in the second semester: EXEMPT 2 FINALS.

NO MORE THAN 2 DAYS ABSENT TOTAL in the second semester: EXEMPT 1 FINAL.

A student who has missed more than 6 absences per period in any class for the year may not be eligible to exempt ANY exams.

Grade Criteria:

At least an 80% semester average and an 75% final (yearly) average in the class the student is exempting.


  • Exempting a final exam does not entitle a student to be absent on the day or period of the final. Students must still attend classes, regardless of exemptions earned. Students absent during finals will lose their exemptions in accordance with the above exemption criteria.
  • For the sake of exemptions, any attendance disputes must be addressed and resolved with the attendance clerk within 3 school days of the absence or tardy.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to pick up, fill out, and return the exemption form to Mrs. Sutton by the stated time and date on the form. No exceptions will be made.
  • The following absences do not affect exemption status:

1. Medical appointments which are documented with a doctor’s note furnished to the attendance office upon return to school.

2. Funeral for immediate family members up to 3 days.

3. School functions.

4. Religious holidays.

5. Military deployment of an immediate family member.

6. Required court dates.

7. College days (up to 2 per year).

Coverage for classes (does not apply to School-Related Absences):

Just so that we are all on the same page with this...If you need to come in late to work, but BEFORE 10:00 am, you can find coverage for your class and not have to take a 1/2 day of personal leave. If you need to leave early, but AFTER 2:00 pm, you can find coverage for your class and not have to take 1/2 a day of leave. Of course, this only applies in cases when you have an approved reason to be absent (so, you still need to let me and Mrs. Sutton know you are going to be out). If you are going to only be gone during your conference time, you also do not need a sub.

Hopefully, that makes sense!

Announcements - please use the form!

I really want to share our good news when students perform well at tournaments or basically anything. :) I have to count on the sponsors to use the announcement doc to make sure this gets done. Sometimes I get lucky and I remember scores and results, but the only way to ensure your team's stuff gets shared is for you to let me know.

You can click on the link below to access the announcements form:

Did you know there is a key drop for the suburbans? If you drop off your suburban after hours, you can drop the keys in the small, locked box to the left of the entrance to the admin building.

RtI Plan (please be sure you read thoroughly) -

RtI Team Members: Administrators, Counselor, Department Heads, Referring Teacher(s)

Other members are invited, as needed, including: Student, Teachers, ESL teacher, Special Programs Personnel

Tier I: Standards-Based Classroom Instruction - All Students

Tier II: Needs-Based Instruction (10-20% of Students)

• Interventions provided by classroom teacher

Teacher develops a Tier II Action Plan/Tier 3 Pre-Referral Form for any student who fails for a 9 weeks (or who is experiencing significant difficulty) & progress monitors

Teachers must make parent contact and inform them of the development of the Tier II Action Plan/Tier 3 Pre-Referral Form

• Teacher refers students not making progress to RtI Team using Tier III Referral Form

for Secondary Students

Tier III: RtI Team Driven Interventions (5-10% of Students)

• RtI Team meets to review campus discipline referrals, attendance, and grades,

identifying At-Risk students needing Tier III interventions, including:

o Any Student Who Fails 2 or More Classes

o Any Student Who Has 3 or More Unexcused Absences in a 4 Week Period

o Any Student Who has <90% Attendance in 2 or More Classes

o Any Student Who Has 3 or More Discipline Referrals in a 4 Week Period

• RtI Team sends Teacher Feedback Form for Secondary Students to teachers of

identified students

• RtI Team sends Parent Input Form for Secondary Students to parents/guardians of

identified students

• RtI Team meets to review Tier III referrals & teacher/parent feedback for students

identified by the RtI Team to determine appropriate Tier III intervention(s)

• Possible Interventions Include: Strategic Learning for Math, Writing Lab, Credit Recovery & Monitoring, Mentor, Behavior Contract, Small Group Counseling (Lunch Bunch), Daily Parent/Teacher Log, Saturday School, Truancy Prevention Measures

Tier IV: Specialized Learning (1-5% of Students)

• RtI Team meets to discuss students not making progress with Tier III interventions and

determines the appropriate Tier IV intervention(s)

• Possible interventions include: Individual Counseling (School-based), 504 Evaluation,

Special Education Evaluation, Retention

• Referrals to 504 or Special Education follow the flow chart for RtI to 504/SPED Process

So, if a student failed your class for the 9 weeks, you need to be keeping data on the Tier 2/Pre-Referral for Tier 3 Form and you will be receiving a Teacher Feedback Form request from me for students who failed more than 2 core classes for the first nine weeks. We are going to be holding meetings over the next few weeks with their students' parents, teachers, and the student to come up with a new plan to help them succeed.

If you pick up a cell phone from a student for improper cell phone use you can turn it into Mrs. Sutton to hold until the end of the day. The first time she gets a phone from a student, it is a warning and the parent has to come get it. The second time, they have to pay $15 and their parent has to come get it.

New Transportation Request Form!

Check out the transportation form to use when you need a bus or suburban – it can be found on Eduphoria, under Formspace; then "Submit New Form"; then "Transportation Forms"; then click on whatever type of transportation you need to request. Thanks!

Explorer Profile!

Students will be bringing around their Explorer Profile Applications to have you sign (or not) over the next few weeks. Students have to meet all of these requirements to be able to gain access to the App store and FaceTime:

1. Student maintains an 80% average or better in all classes.

2. This complete application submitted within 10 days of the last day of the preceding 9 weeks.

3. No documented technology referrals for improper technology use.

4. Principal approval of this application.

5. ALL teachers and parent approval signatures.

There is a new Fundraiser Form!

Please make sure you are using the newest Fundraising form for all your fundraising request needs. Tyra is the keeper of the forms and she will also be the one who you follow up with when you have to go back and document.

Chunking up big assignments:

Remember that great presentation that Randy and Scottie did on differentiation and cooperative learning during August inservice? Here are a couple of highlights that might come in handy:

When assigning big projects, like papers or group projects, chunk it up and create daily checkpoints along the way that you use to keep students on track and allow you opportunities to take grades along the way. An idea would be to have most of these checkpoints due by the end of a class period rather than giving them the option to 'finish it later and bring it in next class period'.

Some of you have expressed a struggle with students not turning in work and not finding a way to take enough grades, so here's an idea!

If you coach a UIL sport or event...

Please be sure to send me your SRA's prior to sending them out to the entire staff. Since you are removing students from academic instruction, I would like to know about their departure before you send them out to everyone (just in case there are problems with coverage, a conflicting event, or questions about what time you are leaving). Thanks!

Progress Report Dates for the Year!

The first three weeks grading reports went well! If you haven't found the awesomeness that is our LVHS Staff calendar on google, please do so! These dates and several more are already on there!

December 18 - End of Semester; Regain/Lose Eligibility January 12

January 25 - End of Three Weeks; Regain Eligibility February 1

February 12 - End of Six Weeks; Regain Eligibility February 19

March 11 - End of Nine Weeks; Regain/Lose Eligibility March 28

April 8 - End of Three Weeks; Regain Eligibility April 15

April 29 - End of Six Weeks - Regain Eligibility May 6

June 2 - End of Semester