The Bully Be Nice

VInn Tran block-2


It was a regular day at school. When a kid named bully wanted to bully someone" I want to be mean to some one " said bully.

rising ation

He couldn't find anyone util' he saw a kid name Garry. " Hey you' you have a dumb name " laugh bully. "your so small ha ha" explained bully.

rising action

Bully keeps picking on him calling him name until the prinsebell came. "Bully and Garry i have to talk to you guys" said princebell. " yes mam said Garry and Bully

plot twist

" you two know something you guys are brothers" happyely said pricebell. " NO WAY" screamGarry and Bully.
5 days later "well you want to get pizza"said bully. " wait how are you my brother and how do we not know " yelled Garry. well no one knows no one " said bully.