All You Want Know about China

Gods and Goddesses

The Chinese people believe in different gods and goddesses, to us. Their gods are a weather god, sun god, moon god, rain god and a thunder and lightning god. The Moon goddess’ (a girl god) name is Heng-O also known as Heng-E. She has no power over the moon she just lives on the moon. She is usually the subject of most legends and myths.

Chinese Food and Facts

Meals for special occasion always have soup as the last food to be eaten is.

Ice cream originally came from China, invented in about 2000 BC

The fortune cookie comes from Japan NOT China.

The people in China actually eat many different animals such as alligators in their food.

History of Why China Loves Red

Chinese new-year starts by people fighting against a mythical beast called Nien. Nien comes on the first day of New- Year. The people used to put food in front of their door just to protect themselves from this beast. They believed that after Nien ate the food he wouldn’t attack the people again until next year. One day on Chinese New – year the people saw that Nien was scared away by a little child wearing the colour red. Villagers now understood that Nien was afraid of red. So now when it is Chinese new-year the people displayed red things and wore red. They also would put red lanterns to. Now Nien would never come back again. That’s how the colour red became lucky in China.